why do we have zodiac signs?

why do we have zodiac signs?
Im doing a school project and have two questions? Why do we have zodiac signs? And how were zodiac signs invented?

Answer by Melissa
it’s like to find things about yourself u never knew

Answer by Phoenix
i think we have zodiac signs to know who we are truly compatible with.(:
i’m all about astrology xD

Answer by aim91
we have zodiac signs because well basically its kinda like a stamp the day we were born its where we belong and it tells you your very own personality

Answer by ChainLightninG⅜
Astrology is best understood by learning how it began. Like most urban yet agricultural peoples of the day, the Babylonians had a pantheon of many gods. They also had a well-developed science of observational astronomy, which served the highly utilitarian purpose of providing a calendar— times to plant and to harvest, as well as times of religious festivals, etc. In this observational scheme each bright planet was important, and the priests whose task it was to make the observations naturally named the planets for the gods in their pantheon— Marduk, Isthar, Nergal, etc. It was a fateful naming. By about 1000 BC there was an extensive Babylonian literature of “planetary omens” based entirely on the arbitrary names of the planet-gods. Since Nergal (Mars) was the god of war, a summer in which red planet Nergal shone down brightly from the sky was a good time to wage war (or a time in which risk of war was great). Since Ishtar (Venus) was the goddess of love, a spring night in which Ishtar shone brilliant and high in the West after sunset was a good time to make love, or go looking for love.

By about 600 BC the Babylonians had devised the twelve-sign zodiac: markers in the sky along the ecliptic, the apparent path which the sun, moon, and five naked-eye planets— Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn— appear to follow in their apparent motion across the sky. The “horoscope,” a crude earth-centered chart of the positions of the planets along the zodiac at a given moment of time, was devised soon after. The oldest known horoscope was made for April 29, 410 BC; historically, this is the true beginning of astrology. During the classical era dominated by first Greece and then Rome, Babylonian astrologers (called “Chaldeans”) set up shop in most of the large urban areas throughout the civilized world. Greek astronomers scoffed at the Chaldean cultus as a ludicrous combination of primitive astronomy and primitive religion, but to no avail— the Greek and later the Roman public embraced astrology as lovingly as they embraced most of the other bizarre and barbaric cults that wandered toward the shores of the Mediterranean looking for converts. That astrology makes no sense with its Babylonian religious underpinnings removed was apparent to thinking people from the very first. Roman statesman Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 – 43 BC) wrote, in 44 BC, a devastating critique of astrology, which is well worth reading today. Among the points made by Cicero was that no one sees or expects any correlation between the weather conditions at the time of birth of a child and the child’s later personality or fortunes. Yet clearly the weather— extreme cold or heavy rain or harsh heat— has far more effect on a living thing than dim lights in the night sky. And even if all children born in December were similar in some way— which they are not— how would an astrologer know that these similarities were thus not due to the weather, due to all the children being born into a cold environment, rather than to the environmentally meaningless situation of the sun being in “Sagittarius,” or whatever?

Astrology such as we have today really originated at the ancient world’s closest equivalent to a university, the great Library of Alexandria. Here scholars of what we would now call pseudoscience performed a synthesis of star-lore from several cultures, Babylonia still dominating. By about 1 AD the dogmas of astrology had reached a state that has not further evolved or developed in any significant way since, despite the incredible advances in astronomy in particular, and science in general, since the late 1500s.

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Ok I am 15, born on March 26, 1994, (3/26/94) What is my zodiac sign, and what does it mean? And what is my perfect match? My girlfriend was born on march 4, 1994, so what is she and whats her perfect match?

Answer by Jess
Technically, you’re a Pisces, though those who are into astrology would say you’re an Aries.
Your girlfriend as an Aquarius, though the horoscopes would call her a Pisces.

When the zodiac was first conceived, the constellations were in a different place relative to the Earth. It’s something called the precession of the equinoxes and basically means that, over many hundreds of years the positions of the constellations will appear to shift from our viewpoint on the Earth. What -that- means is that the signs of the zodiac are in a different place now than where they were when zodiac signs were first conceived.

So, while hundreds of years ago the Sun would have been in Aries when you were born, the precession of the equinoxes means that on March 26, 1994, the Sun was in Pisces.

But seriously, don’t put too much stock in it. The fact that so many astrologers ignore the precession of the equinoxes has got to tell you something about how rubbish the whole concept is. Compatibility has to do with your personalities and interests, not the months you happened to be born in.

Here’s some horoscope advice I pulled at random from an astrology website (astrology.com). Now, I’m a Capricorn (really Sagittarius, due to the precession of the equinoxes) – but notice how I can twist every one of these signs to apply to me:

– Aries: Now is the best time for you to get started on new projects. (It’s true! I’ve finished exams, I have the free time to dedicate to a new project.)
– Gemini: You’re in the thick of things today and may start off in a few new directions. (New directions? Well, just today I picked up a new tutoring job, and I’m in the process of booking a holiday.)
– Virgo: You are having the hardest time deciding between two (or more) perfectly good options. (It’s true I am a very indecisive person.)
– Aquarius: Try not to let personal issues interfere with your professional life. (Everyone grapples with this, and indeed I struggled with it and failed today.)

tl;dr – Astrology is rubbish, don’t let it bother you. 😉

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