Why do people believe in horoscopes/astrology?

Why do people believe in horoscopes/astrology?
Different people have a tendency to believe in a lot of different things but belief in astrology is different than belief in daily horoscopes. There is a lot of difference between astrology systems that are used worldwide. It’s not the same in India, Serbia, U.S. or China. The truth is that when someone starts to learn astrology they will gain knowledge about it. Now, belief depends on what particular person may consider to be the truth.
/ Someone may think that it’s connected with magic. That’s wrong.
/ Someone may think it’s connected to tarot/numerology/Feng Sui et cetera. That’s, again, wrong.
/ Someone may think that it’s simple to work with. Like before, wrong.

Astrology IS NOT a science because it can’t be compared to a science by any practical means. Astrology is a collection of human knowledge about the influence of the sky bodies (planets, stars et cetera) and their “influence” on living things. Humans, to be precise. It is around more than 4.000 years and it will still need a lot of researching considering everything that represents ASTROLOGY itself.

here is my theory – there is something called the Forer Effect that encompasses the idea that many people tend to believe in personality descriptions and confirm their accuracy if they are told that such descriptions were tailored to themselves personally.

More info can be found on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forer_effect

my question to you guys is- why do you believe in horoscopes/astrology? why do PEOPLE in GENERAL believe in horoscopes/astrology?
…it’s not a rant -_- i just want to see WHY people believe in astrology??? i don’t see why when I write a long question, it’s suddenly accused of being a rant.

advice- READ IT.

because unlike you, I am pretty open minded to things. I put this in here because I want to see why people believe in it. I am interested in horoscopes myself, since I find it fascinating.

Please, no more BS answers. I want to people to seriously answer my question. Why do you believe in horoscopes?

It’s quite all right. I guess I’m just pissed that people aren’t answering my question in the fullest extent… I just want to see it from another perspective.
meshia of rebellion- thanks! hmm i see that some horoscopes are pretty descriptive!

but sadly, I have to disagree that astrology is indeed technically pseudoscience.


“Astrology, unfortunately, cannot be called consistent either internally or externally. Demonstrating that astrology is not consistent externally with theories known to be true is easy because so much of what is claimed about astrology contradicts what is known in physics. This wouldn’t be such a problem if astrologers could demonstrate that their theories explain nature better than much of modern physics, but they can’t – as a consequence, their claims cannot be accepted. ”

and i’m sorry! I can’t reply to any others! But thanks too all of you who had decent answers! I really appreciate them! I have learned a few more things about astrology thanks to you guys.

Answer by Jen
I personally find it interesting and I note the amusing patterns and shiet so it’s more entertaining for me..
Some people believe in it passionately.
To each their own, whatever

Answer by ☮Pisces☮
Why do people who don’t believe in astrology constantly post questions in the horoscope section?

EDIT: oh 😛 lol sorry.

Answer by DIYZombi3Hunt3r
Your icon thingy is pretty

Answer by Meshia of the Rebellion
because it has a lot of truth to it
and it is a science
a pseudo science which basically means its a science but is based off assmuption as well
and one day i was reading my friends(more than one friend… about 6) birthcharts and telling them what theyre like and what they need to do to fix things and who they need to look for in a mate and they were just amazed at how i could explain them to a T and the problems they were going through with their boyfriends/girlfrinds from just looking up their birthday.

Answer by Manderz
I don’t have time to explain all that to you sorry your not worth my time lol but directly to the Point, while I am young and still discovering my philosophy and studies on religion, I have NOT YET , found it to be flawed in any way but incredibly accurate, why waste time trying to categorize it?

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What is today’s Leo horoscope?

Answer by PrettyChick
Leo (Jul 23 – Aug 22)
Monday, January 31, 2011
Astrological Insight
You can accomplish the most today by keeping your eye on your goals and trying to move things forward any way you can. Despite any obstacles, you ought to be able to make some real progress. Just try to do your best to work through any problems the best you can today.

There’s bound to be an awful lot for you to have to take care of at the moment. And you ought to be able to accomplish a lot today if you can just concentrate on what really needs to get done. If you’ve still got a few fears in the back of your mind, just try to put any uncertainties aside and focus on the tasks at hand. Mantra: Balance.

Answer by Rachel
Romance : : Exciting day as your long pending wait for affirmation in love is going to materialize today. Celebrating the joy in lively restaurant would make a perfect start.

Career : : If possible, use your expertise to help a needy friend in business. Make him/her understand where he/she has gone wrong rather than doing the things for him/her. Your timely help would bring you lot of appreciation.

Health : : Today a special care on your part is needed to remove body aches. You will be greatly benefited by massaging the affected parts with oil and making walking a part of your daily life.

Family : : News of inheritance of ancestors property would make the entire family happy.

Finance : : Be careful while withdrawing money from bank. You need to bring your cash very safely, as chances of somebody deceiving you are high. Taking a partner/colleague with you would save from this kind of problem.

Misscellaneous : : Your paintings will come as a pleasant relief to people at the time of crisis/violence. Indications that it will help in convincing people that colours have spiritual and symbolic values. You need to make them understand that life is full of colours from light to darker shades symbolizing joy and sorrow. For you personally, it would not only prove a great stress-reliever but also make your soul richer.

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  1. Timmy says

    I believe in astrology because it’s the only thing I found to answer why things happen the way they do. Astrology is described in the Bible(To Everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven), and it has amazing accuracy if you know what to look for. Using the idea that everything is made of energy, the planets are massive balls of energy that impose their energy vibrations on humanity. It is real, although most people do not believe in it because they only believe what they see in front of them and will quickly gravitate towards finding all the times when astrology doesn’t work. I believe it always works, it’s just that humanity is not experienced enough to know everything. If we did, we would be God, and honestly, I don’t think any human should have that kind of power, ever.

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  2. Lisamythical says

    I agree with Timmy lol. :)

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  3. Jilly says

    I’m Agnostic when it comes to Astrology(just like with religion, although I have my own theories on religion and spirituality haha). I don’t know for sure if it is true, and I don’t know for sure if it isn’t true. But after researching my chart it’s just so damn accurate! Of course there is that tiny voice in the back of my head that says,”you’re just picking the traits that are more like you” “this could all be vague and general and says for all the other signs” “how do you know this is accurate” and etc.

    What I have noticed is that plenty of sign have characteristics that are a lot alike. But that seems fine. Cuz there are still main points that they don’t share. I know I don’t have a personality of, say, a Gemini. Sure there are a few things that are similar but know.

    What I like about Astrology is that it explains the unexplainable about people. Why are we who we are? Besides the family and peers influence, there is something else. Even if Astrology ends up to be complete bullshitt, it makes me put things in perspective and be more understanding and accepting of different people, no matter what the personality. Supports the idea of everyone being and individual, and has individuality. After starting to study astrology I can easily say I’m more patient with others, and give them time. They are who they are. And it’s fun to say, so and so is this way because of their influence on an Aries mercury. It just explains things. i don’t know how else to describe it.

    It’s not that I really believe in it, but just keep astrology in mind. Just like how I could say I believe in a team mate, but they still could just as well totally fu3k up and cost us the game, but I believe in them because it gives hope. That probably doesn’t make any sense to what I’m trying to explain.

    Plus the fact that Astrology has been around longer then most major religions, such as Christianity, in the time of Socrates who was a genius, or the Mayans/Aztecs/Incas who could some how make this dead accurate calender or such amazing buildings with out technology or animals, kinda makes one think. Of course ancient Greeks believed in all these crazy myths and legends but they still had people who were even smarter then most of today’s modern folk intelligence. The starters of Algebra, physics, astronomy. Today people fallow those such things. But then with Astrology it’s like, is this as true as the ancients facts of astronomy and algebra that we fallow today, or is it just superstition or made up like all their Greeks gods. Who knows?

    Yet here I am after all the possibilities of it being a scam. Astrology has great advice no matter what ones sign is, on improving character flaws or bad habits. And then mentions ones supposive strengths they should continue with or feel good about themselves. It’s not like Astrology causes harm to anyone, if anything it brings an open mind. Sure some dimwits don’t know shitt about astrology and use it wrong, accusing a twelth of the world as whores/jackassses, idiots, just cuz of one or a few people they don’t get along with.

    I don’t really believe in anything, instead I theorize about all the possibilities. I don’t know if reincarnation is real, or if souls are real, but I still support the idea. I guess it just makes sense out of such a confusing world and life in general.

    It does irritate me when people come on here and call us all idiots for “believing” in astrology and not giving it a chance. It’s not fair. And then they generalize that we all are crazy pot heads. Just like how kinda Atheists bother me. I can understand why they don’t believe in what they can’t see, being skeptical and not believing in something just cuz society tells you to is a good thing! But how do they know 100% there isn’t some kind of truth. The don’t. blahblahblah that’s why I’m Agnostic when it comes to religion. I don’t really give a damn actually. On topic again, it’s just irritating when people keep questioning us on why we believe in something so bogus so I get defensive cuz it’s not fair. Why can’t they just let us be instead of insisting wre all stupid. But I understand why your asking, cuz at least you are keeping an open mind, so I’m not ranting against you, no worries.

    I don’t know if that answered your question, but I tried and it took me over 20 minutes lol.
    Kwaheri :)

    Rising:Pisces/Aries cusp

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  4. Hopeless Romantic Libra says

    As someone who is not religious I need SOMETHING to believe in.

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  5. & the bell goes ting(depth) says

    sub-atomic particles called neutrinos emitted by various celestial bodies pass through the body @ birth,imparting characteristics to us & affecting the personality.


    i’ve uranus on asc & saturn intercepted in the 1st.
    saturn in the 1st means
    lonely childhood & yes,mine was.
    not too much of jewellery & as a kid too i hated wearing earrings……

    virgo moon/neptune on asc: very sloppy but when i clean it’s perfect.

    i curently have 5 crushes & em in luv with a guy….very typical of uranus rising & sag venus.

    i’ve seen it work with other people too even before knowing their date/time of birth.

    a leo/virgo cusp guy:
    i knew he’s a sag rising because of his smile,luv for food,bluntness,boastfulness…..our thinking too is very compatible……..
    our interests are very diff & i find him boring @ times..his venus squares mine……

    scorp ex & frnd 1:
    scorp sun conj mars/pluto
    well known for violence. frnd plots revenge….

    virgo classmate(she) & bf :
    perfectionist,critical,tidy,oily skin,choosy,details,clean….
    venus in leo: (she)lovely hair…(he)preening

    aqua frnd:
    very open-minded,detached,rational,independant…

    there are many more…

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