Where were Horoscopes first invented?

Where were Horoscopes first invented?
Im wondering because different people say different thoughts..please help! and thanks for your answer:p

Answer by ChainLightninG
Astrology is best understood by learning how it began. Like most urban yet agricultural peoples of the day, the Babylonians had a pantheon of many gods. They also had a well-developed science of observational astronomy, which served the highly utilitarian purpose of providing a calendar— times to plant and to harvest, as well as times of religious festivals, etc. In this observational scheme each bright planet was important, and the priests whose task it was to make the observations naturally named the planets for the gods in their pantheon— Marduk, Isthar, Nergal, etc. It was a fateful naming. By about 1000 BC there was an extensive Babylonian literature of “planetary omens” based entirely on the arbitrary names of the planet-gods. Since Nergal (Mars) was the god of war, a summer in which red planet Nergal shone down brightly from the sky was a good time to wage war (or a time in which risk of war was great). Since Ishtar (Venus) was the goddess of love, a spring night in which Ishtar shone brilliant and high in the West after sunset was a good time to make love, or go looking for love.

By about 600 BC the Babylonians had devised the twelve-sign zodiac: markers in the sky along the ecliptic, the apparent path which the sun, moon, and five naked-eye planets— Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn— appear to follow in their apparent motion across the sky. The “horoscope,” a crude earth-centered chart of the positions of the planets along the zodiac at a given moment of time, was devised soon after. The oldest known horoscope was made for April 29, 410 BC; historically, this is the true beginning of astrology. During the classical era dominated by first Greece and then Rome, Babylonian astrologers (called “Chaldeans”) set up shop in most of the large urban areas throughout the civilized world. Greek astronomers scoffed at the Chaldean cultus as a ludicrous combination of primitive astronomy and primitive religion, but to no avail— the Greek and later the Roman public embraced astrology as lovingly as they embraced most of the other bizarre and barbaric cults that wandered toward the shores of the Mediterranean looking for converts. That astrology makes no sense with its Babylonian religious underpinnings removed was apparent to thinking people from the very first. Roman statesman Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 – 43 BC) wrote, in 44 BC, a devastating critique of astrology, which is well worth reading today. Among the points made by Cicero was that no one sees or expects any correlation between the weather conditions at the time of birth of a child and the child’s later personality or fortunes. Yet clearly the weather— extreme cold or heavy rain or harsh heat— has far more effect on a living thing than dim lights in the night sky. And even if all children born in December were similar in some way— which they are not— how would an astrologer know that these similarities were thus not due to the weather, due to all the children being born into a cold environment, rather than to the environmentally meaningless situation of the sun being in “Sagittarius,” or whatever?

Astrology such as we have today really originated at the ancient world’s closest equivalent to a university, the great Library of Alexandria. Here scholars of what we would now call pseudoscience performed a synthesis of star-lore from several cultures, Babylonia still dominating. By about 1 AD the dogmas of astrology had reached a state that has not further evolved or developed in any significant way since, despite the incredible advances in astronomy in particular, and science in general, since the late 1500s.

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My boyfriend and I had the same dream together on the same night? What does it mean?
We both had the same dream last night , he woke up and said he had a trippy dream last night with me in it so I told him to explain and he was explaining my dream…

I was, “wait, what?!” in my head
and than he said, “I was killing a bunch of roaches”
and I told him “Maybe it’s because you killed the roach last night”
and he said “Wait I didn’t kill a roach last night!”
and I was, “wait, what?! trippy!”(he can’t even get em here) …

Here’s a snippet of our dream: In the dream we we’re around a lot of people like mardi-gras type in a auditorium sitting in chairs and we were also in a mansion with various rooms at least 8 rooms. I looked into one grabbed something and for the roach part, I told him look a roach is getting in the house through our door in our home and i said to kill it. He stepped on it 3 times until it died.

so I just started checking my horoscopes for the day about 1hr ago and my Sagittarius love horoscope read this:

Today’s astral configuration may be just the perfect occasion to make a special wish come true. If you have been waiting for some sign that your lover feels about you the same way that you feel about them, then this could be it. You may be about to discover that your hopes for a deep and fulfilling relationship are coming true.

So I told him that it read the first line and we we’re both “trippy”…

So than I googled astral configuration and I read this:

“Astral” means “of the stars and other celestial bodies” and “configuration” means “the way things are configured or ordered.”

Crazy, all I’ve been about is Astrology so for this to occur is quite amazing to me and him. I’m going to continue more and we’re going to figure out how to jump into one dream realm various times.
Btw, I am a vivid lucid dreamer in which I can remember the majority of my dreams, my movements, where I walk, where I look, words, numbers, you name it.

Answer by Jamie
I’d call it a coincidence that you had similar (not the same) dreams. No one really remembers their dreams in much detail, it’s far more likely you were filling in each other’s recollection as you shared what you could remember.

I’m not sure what relevance your horoscope is. That reading has absolutely nothing to do with your dream. Astrology is also known to be nonsense.

edit: Then I suspect you were filling in the holes to his memory of what he dreamed about. Bottom line is, dreaming the same thing is impossible. I don’t wish to accuse you of dishonesty, but your story is simply untrue.

River’s story is pretty extreme. I think he’s just full of shit.

Answer by Adam
Ancient. Aliens.

Answer by River
actually the other night I had a dream with my girlfriend. we are both huge lucid dreamers and we were able to have the same dream and interact with each other. if the dream was lucid (where you are aware you are dreaming) you probably had a metal communication with him. me and my girlfriend do it a lot when we are far away from each other or if we are missing the other. maybe you should try it again sometimes. it is well worth the experience if you can get it down!

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