Where do new astrology horoscopes come from?

Where do new astrology horoscopes come from?
There are people everywhere writing advice and predictions for every astrology sign each day. What is their source material? What do they consult to get this information? I just verified with different horoscopes (for the same sign and day) that the readings are not the same. So can some Astrology expert tell me what one does in order to decide on committing the daily horoscopes to writing? I don’t need to hear from skeptics who say it’s all just BS. I already know that is a possibility so I don’t need that “expert” opinion; unless you actually write horoscopes for a newspaper and you admittedly just make it all up or use a dart board. Thanks.
“New” as in there’s a new horoscope every day, year, etc.

How does one determine all of this:

“You are the calm center of your world today, and should be able to relax others around you who are all het up over the big news. They may wonder how you can be so relaxed, but it’s not for lack of caring.”

or this:

“People may want to talk a great deal, but they’re avoiding their feelings today, Libra. Put your emotions on the back burner and let your mind take over. Deal with the facts and make sure your emotions don’t interfere with the information you receive. Things can get clouded if you don’t stay true to the communication that’s taking place. Be conscious of the impact of your words.”

Same day, same sign.

Answer by Been There
Daily horoscopes are not real astrology. In fact the word “horoscope” does NOT mean prediction. Real astrologers do NOT use the same techniques that the Sun-sign astrologers us.

But this is how they (the Sun sign astrologers) do it.
Take your Sun sign (what you probably think of as your zodiac sign).
Draw up a blank astrology chart form (the map of the heavens) and put 0 degrees of the Sun sign rising on the eastern horizon.
Then put 0 degrees of each of the other signs, in proper order, around each of the other 11 houses.
Well, already we have a problem.
The ONLY person this fake chart applies to is someone who was born AT sunrise, and specifically only during one 4-minute span out of the entire 24 hours of the day. This “horoscope” will not apply really to anyone else born during the OTHER 1,436 minutes of the day.
To a limited extent, it will kind-of apply to people born 2 hours out of the 24 hours.

Still with me?
We now have this fake chart.
Go to any ephemeris (a listing of where every one of the 10 “planets” are at midnight Greenwich Mean Time in England for every day of the every year) .. go to any ephemeris, and take today’s positions for the planets and plunk them into this fake chart.
And THAT is what we base your “predictions” on.
Moon is in the 4th house of this fake chart? Well, you are going to be mighty emotional about some family matter today.
Except that YOU don’t have Moon in YOUR 4th house.
Oh well.

Yes, I’m not surprised you are getting different readings from different sources. There are 10 planets they can pick and choose from, to write 1-2 little sentences. And they need to keep those sentences pretty vague, because they are aware that their “horoscopes” don’t apply to 99% of their readers. They get a nice, predictable paycheck for writing these little blurbs, y’know. Astrology does’t tend to generate a regular income, so I guess I can’t be too hard on them. But “caveat emptor” my dear.

Real astrologers work ONLY from an individual person’s timed birth chart, done for day-month-year, hour-minute, and location of birth.
You can do your own birth chart, if you know your birth time, for free, at this or any other “free chart” website”

And then YOU can go to this free online ephemeris, see where the planets are today, and plunk them into YOUR chart. This is what is going on for YOU today. But understand that the short-term influences are very very minor and you often don’t even notice them. It’s the ones that last for 1-3 years that indicate major inner changes.

Understand that our unique astrological birth chart is complex, but it is only an influence .. and only as much on an influence as we allow it to be.
Understand too, that the current influence on your birth chart (we call these “transits”) do not make things happen in your life. They reflect your inner states of mind, an that will influence how others respond to you, but it’s you, not the astrology doing it.
Those who are self-aware already know their inner states of mind … the purpose of astrology is to help you learn to become self-aware.

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Answer by Cephus
They’re made up by people who do creative writing. They’re in Entertainment.


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