Where can I get horoscopes sent to my phone in a text message?

Where can I get horoscopes sent to my phone in a text message?
please and thanks.

Answer by Ronan
dont bother,its a ripoff

Answer by rob
they charge you a ton.
dollars a day probably.
cheaper to get a data plan and then find it online.

or just look it up in a newspaper sometime

Answer by Jackie

I get it every day & its free!! The horoscopes are good too!

Answer by Burt C
Click on More Yahoo Service, then choose ALERTS, and then Horoscopes. It will send you an horoscope everyday to your cell as a text message.
You can have many things send to your through ALERTS from Yahoo. Free of charge. Just regular text messaging applies, but if you have unlimited text. Does not cost you anything.

Answer by Top Discounts Online
Be very careful about doing this. You’ll see ads for this type of thing and what ends up happening is that you get subscribed to a subscription that gets billed to your phone bill. You not only pay the text messaging fee from your phone provider, but a lot of times you get charged a ridiculous monthly fee on top of it. I’m not aware of any free services like this, but if you get any recommended to you, be sure to check it all out and read all the fine print before you sign up! The last thing you’ll want to spend your time with is trying to figure out how to cancel it.

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3 Responses to Where can I get horoscopes sent to my phone in a text message?

  1. piggycats October 23, 2013 at 8:28 am #

    I wouldn’t sign up for that if I were you. They charge you a dollar for every text and soon they will start sending you like 50 text messages a day. It’s a total ripoff. By a cool game instead :)

  2. So fabulous October 23, 2013 at 9:21 am #

    you can probly google a few websites that can do that but its not worth it
    they charge like 9.99 a month or a dollar 50 every text
    and someway or another some other company gets your number and start sending you annoying messages about like finding your match and stuff and your being charged..
    just keep it old school and look in a magazine =]

  3. Shane M October 23, 2013 at 9:41 am #


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