Whats My Horoscope for today?

Whats My Horoscope for today?
im a Sagittarius

Answer by milly_1963
Daily Overview for March 25, 2007
Your restless, freedom-loving side is feeling confined and bored, but your conscience is telling you to stick it out and remain focused. Give yourself a pep talk and keep up your best efforts.
Daily Overview for March 26, 2007
Someone has feelings for you — but you may not reciprocate, whether it’s admiration, friendship or romance. Just remember that you don’t have to feel guilty about it. Sometimes things just can’t work out.
Daily Overview for March 27, 2007
Everyone’s got an opinion (or two or three) about what you should do next, but only you know what’s best. Ignore everybody’s input (which you didn’t ask for anyway) and connect with yourself as you revamp your game plan.

Love & Blessings

Answer by minervabnu
Someone has feelings for you — but you may not reciprocate, whether it’s admiration, friendship or romance. Just remember that you don’t have to feel guilty about it. Sometimes things just can’t work out.


Answer by **dancingqueen17**
Whatever is owed to you, money or favors, you should be able to collect by the end of this week or at the latest, the very beginning of next week. This is not a good time to purchase anything important for you living quarters or transportation. There could easily be hidden flaws which may haunt you. Wait until at least next week or better yet, the week after.

Answer by lorina
Buy a lotto ticket & you will win >>LOL

Answer by chainlightning38
Sagittarius November 22 – December 21
Sagittarius is hurt by allegations that it’s been slipping product placements into weekly predictions—so hurt in fact that it may soon seek out the pain-relieving properties of Extra Strength Tylenol™.

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where do they get these horoscope ? 10 points for the best answer!!!!?
are they even true like they all are different like the ones in news paper,online same sign but different ,should i believe them or not?
mine is leo whats yours?

Answer by Le person

It’s a bunch of baloney >_>

Answer by .
Don’t believe the horoscopes in news paper, online etc….They’re fake.

Answer by Verona
Horoscopes are for amusement only and not to be taken too seriously as they only represent a small part of ones total chart. An astrology chart is made up of five personal planets; Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury then the Ascendent. Four interpersonal planets; Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter, Pluto in
12 sections of your life – The sun sign or horoscope doesn’t give a full picture of who you are as a person, so take each one with a grain of salt. Many use personality traits for each sign from their family and friends who they know that were the sign they are writing about.

Answer by Been There
The astrologer takes the Sun-sign, and places in on the Ascendant of a chart wheel. For instance, for the Sun-sign of Leo, they would put 0-degrees of Leo on the cusp of the first house, then 0-Virgo on the cusp of the second house, 0-Libra on the 3rd, and so forth.

Then they take today’s positions of the planet and plunk them into the chart.
For instance: today Mars is at 14-Leo, which would put Mars in the first house of this Leo-Rising chart … so they might write up something that has to do with Mars in the first house.
For the sign of Taurus, Mars would end up in the 4th house of that chart, so they might write up something that has to do with Mars in the 4th house.

Now you might think that instead of reading the horoscope for your Sun-sign, maybe you should read it for your Rising sign. Not quite right, either.
If a person has 28 degrees of Taurus, and they read the “Taurus” horoscope for 2011, they will be told that they have Jupiter in their first house. Yes, Jupiter IS in Taurus this year, and in the artificial Taurus-rising chart, with 0-Taurus on the 1st house, Jupiter WILL be in the 1st house. But for the person who actually as the END of Taurus, 28-Taurus on their first, Jupiter will not be in their first house, but will instead be in that person’s 12th house. Therefore, the writeup for Jupiter-in-the-1st is incorrect for this individual.

Therefore, the Sun-sign horoscopes having really nothing to do with proper astrological technique, and the write-ups don’t even apply to the people they are supposed to apply to.

The reason they are different is because you have different people writing them. And they have the Sun and Moon and 8 planets to pick from, in what they write up. They may not all be choosing to write up about the same “planet”.

Answer by janawashere
Everyone has a particular date, place and time of birth.
The Planets/considered, Sun, Moon, Mercury Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto were all in a “sign” at your time of birth. This is such as Your Sun is in Leo, but there is so much more. Each planet is in a “sign” such as: aries, leo, sagittarius, cancer, scorpio etc.. Each planet is in a “house”-This is what comprises your birth chart.
It is divided into 12 houses-each house has 30 degrees and represents an aspect of your personality/potential/career/communication/home life/enemies/marriage partnership etc. This is where planetary placements are placed and charted to analyze. Basic character traits, phobias, difficulties, your potential all can be seen as well as your strengths, weakness, opportunities, problems for understanding. The newspaper has only Sun signs-which there are 12 of. If you think about it, all of humanity would be divided into 12 different Sun signs. A chart has the Sun in a sign (such as Leo) and each planet is in a sign, (such as Pluto in Gemini) and each of these is IN a certain degree IN a particular house-then you have a rising sing, the rising sign is found from the minute you were born…and your chart is don with rising sign in your first house which then determine where the planets fall. AND THEN….if that isn’t enough for you-comparisons are made regarding the way planets in your chart relate to each other. You may have trines, squares, oppositions, sextiles and more…for aspects in your chart. Leo women are proud, possessive, dramatic, generous and love flattery and must have compliments, which they usually deserve. This description is general and doesn’t include the complexity found in each person’s chart. Also-sometimes planets go retrograde-and this is another specific aspect to understand.
(Trines, sextiles aren’t on the spell check but they ARE correct) So you can see, having Information on a chart is an interesting way to see yourself-The stars do not impel, they compel” You always have FREE WILL. Charts include the positive AND negative characteristics according to how it is used. SUCH AS: a knife can cut a loaf of bread or to protect yourself, you can use a gun to kill for food or protect your family or kill in anger….it’s there to be used, but it’s up to you as to how it’s used. This is why twins can be so different-if you look closely, one is displaying more positive characteristics, the other one may be working out negatively.
ALSO-Astrologers use an Ephemeris to figure the planets degrees at birth. It requires a lot of calculations and mathematics in doing a chart. It’s much easier to compute charts today because of Computers.

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  1. gigi says

    March 29, 2007

    Friendships and love connect and reconnect in new ways. Surprising (and sizzling) encounters are about to ensue. If you’ve had hard-and-fast rules about dating friends, now might be the time to rethink them.

    You are liable to create or step into arguments today. One unkind or careless word can quickly escalate. Be on your best behaviour and be silent rather than criticize.

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  2. babykatdream099 says

    you’ll have a wonderful day ahead of u

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