What is the Libra horoscope today?

What is the Libra horoscope today?
Can somebody tell me the libra horoscope for today?
I always try to search for trustworthy/reliable horoscope of the day but none seem a 100 percent accurate/make scense! I’d be glad if someone posts the libra horoscope for today! Thanks :)

Answer by jad62
All Libras are going to be committed to a “really peaceful place where there are lots of happy thoughts” tomorrow.

Answer by Thomas
Today’s Libra horoscope is “Ask questions and let the power of suggestion be your guide”

Answer by Falumple
All Libras are going to be in pissed off moods today because of setting the expectations too high, once again. They will feel the need to cloud the day over with their pessimism and put everyone down with them, regardless if their loving fiance is trying to get them in a better mood and help them see the light that it’ll be ok and just to wait it out and in two months he’ll be a whole new person, but NOOOOOO, we have to be all pissy and moody and bring the whole world down with us…

…maybe that’s just my Libra’s horoscope.

Answer by Juno Mclaughlin
April 29, 2011
You should make more realistic assessments of your capabilities. Don’t push too hard or too fast today. Allow time for events to unfold. Escapes are not the answer.


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horoscopes for today

My horoscope sent to my phone, revealed I will pull a Kelly Taylor. What does this mean?
It say’s ” You’ll pull a Kelly Taylor and ” and choose me” today. It feels great.

Answer by varnold001
Horoscopes have nothing to do with genealogy

Answer by xxpointeshoexx
mine said the same thing!
all i know is kelly taylor was a character on beverly hills 90210. I watch this show a lot and i know she was a really pretty and she was nice. i mean she wasn’t that notorious for anything that i remember so i dont know… and i have no idea what choose me means…

Answer by Reemalingadingdong
ah! mine said the same thing!
I think it means when your stuck between two things and then in the end you choose yourself.

Answer by itsjustme
I think your question got filtered through to the wrong forum, this is genealogy, posted below is the link to the horoscopes forum, they are much better able to help over there.
hope this helps.

Answer by alyssa is abnormal
hahaha mine said the same thing. but yeha tis trying to say your stuck between two difficult situatons but in the end you will choose yourself because its the right thing to do.

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  1. m01241939 says

    haha wow.

    i got the same one!
    and i forgot about it
    annd i was looking it up:P

    i dont know:/

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