What is my perfect horoscope match according to my birth date and hers.?

What is my perfect horoscope match according to my birth date and hers.?
I have seen compatibility calculators which seem fairly accurate when I enter in my birthday and different girls, but is there one so detailed enough to give me a perfect match according to our birth dates and all the aspects match? Then I could seek out someone with that date lolol. I am September 29 1989.

Answer by Sara
They don’t work..
Plus..who knows now that the signs changed.

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Any good websites to research your horoscope?
I really am just interested in this stuff and I might also have a crush on someone. I just want a website that has in depth analysis on the star signs, like all of them. And possibly compatibility test and the like for someone stuck in a hopeless crush like me.

Yes, I’m that bored.

Answer by aamandajm
The best site I’ve found is for the real in depth stuff is: http://www.novareinna.com/constellation/index.html

Whatever you can’t find there you can go to: http://www.astrologyindepth.com/

Answer by Curiosity/Satisfaction
Very Good website


Fill in needed info
The go up to free horoscopes
then click on astro Click Partner
It will do a Chart for the 2 of you

Answer by DarkWing
Try this site

Answer by RavenPerchUndergorund
oh you’ll love this one…..


theres a top banner for loads of other stuff….really interesting…

Answer by limey_not_lime
If you know the time, date and place of your birth there are sites which will help you.

Basing any astrological research on Sun Signs is a waste of time though, and will not help you.

If you have the information above try www.horoscoeschat.yuku.com/directory ( you may have to register a profile there but it is all free ) and post your details with a request for a reading.

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