what is my horoscope for today?

what is my horoscope for today?
im a leo.

Answer by auteyyy
You should be feeling pretty sociable at the moment, and you ought to manage to stay pretty busy today. Just remember to keep focused on your most important goals at this time. You’ll be eager to engage with just about everyone you meet, and you’re bound to end up having more than a few interesting conversations by the end of the day.

Connecting with your friends will be very important to you today. If you’re not able to hang out with them, then you at least ought to give them a call and catch up on a few things. And you may want to take the chance to get a little helpful advice from some of your friends on a few important matters as well. Mantra: Exploration.

Symbol The Lion
Element Fire
Mode Fixed
Planet Sun
Lucky Numbers 5, 8, 9, 14, 23, 32, 41, 50
Best Trait Exuberance
Opposite Sign Aquarius
Compatible Signs Libra, Sagittarius, Aries, Gemini
Color Gold, Orange, Red
Gemstone Onyx

Scorpio is the sign least likely to be bullied since they possess ingenuity and determination. Cross them and they’ll respond, maybe slowly, but they’ll definitely get the upper hand over time. Scorpio knows how power works.

The two most likely to desperately need another half are Libra and Scorpio, though for not the same reasons. Libra is known as ‘the relationship sign’, not because it’s driven by matters of the heart. It’s an Air sign, fairly detached, and never feels comfortable without another half to make it feel whole. Scorpio on the other hand is intensely emotional and really needs an equally passionate partner to merge with. Therein lies their bliss.

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