What does your daily horoscope say about your day today?

What does your daily horoscope say about your day today?
My Tropical sign is Cancer so mine says:
“The clouds in your mind have been confusing you a lot lately, but today brings good news! The sun is coming out, and it will burn off that foggy thinking to show you exactly what you need to do! Someone or something will come into your life unexpectedly and provide you the light you need to understand a mystery that’s been plaguing you. This is definitely an exciting development that is going to leave you feeling good — and feeling back in charge of where your life is going.”

“My Sidereal sign is Gemini so my other one says:
More than ever, you are open to the unfamiliar today — your quick mind is ready to sort through a confusing matter. You will figure out what to make of it. Go out early today and try to find something or someone to keep your brain humming. It’s a great day to tackle a puzzle that’s been driving you nuts. Or you might want to try (one more time) to get along with that difficult personality. You should challenge yourself today. No matter what the outcome is, you won’t be disappointed.”

Well, my mind definitely feels a lot more clear today. I’m also heading down to the city to visit my dad and meet my sister’s new boyfriend.

Answer by mhemt e
back to the same Reference to know my horoscope saying today?
you sweety girl

Answer by Richard Long
My Sun sign is Pisces
Your Horoscope – Today, January 24, 2009
You may be wondering whose shoulder you should cry on, Leah, when usually yours is the shoulder that everyone else likes to use. The collar of your shirt is probably soaking wet by now, thanks to all the tears that have spilled on you. Your compassion for others is definitely one of your biggest strengths, but be aware of the fact that it can also be one of your biggest weaknesses.

Answer by Magical Pink Underwear :)

You may have the intellectual side of the equation completely set in your head, dear Sagittarius. You have collected all the facts and have all the data worked out in such a way that makes it impossible for anyone to find fault with your calculations. Don’t think that you are completely done, however, because there is still one part of the picture that you need to recognize: the emotional side. Extreme feelings are apt to come into play today, putting a monkey wrench in your plans, so be prepared.



Secure your bunker and make sure it is fully stocked with heavy artillery because there is bound to be a battle, dear Aquarius. Trust that you need to be fully prepared in order to enter into the fight today, because you do. There are some battles that you actually like – the ones that get things rolling and that produce results. It will soon become clear which type this is.

— Neither of them seem to be right today. Oh, well.

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Tell me what horoscope says about libra this month?
I never believe this kind of stuff, but I’m curious though…

Answer by milly_1963
Libra Forecast for January 2007
Happy New Year, Libra! Home and family feature with the Sun in Capricorn but a Full Moon in Cancer on Jan 3rd may turn things round as career or dealings with authority come into the frame. There may be a professional matter to deal with. An emotional situation may erupt. An older family member may be involved. Smooth things over then let the romance of Venus in Aquarius from Jan 4th put the focus on love, social events and recreation. Discussion about work, health or family will ensue.

News or developments will set a new pace on Jan 8th. Meetings, schemes or communications will feature. A new practice or contact may bring an unusual flavour to your life. You may adopt new lifestyle practices. An unusual individual may feature. There may be a wealth of ideas or interest around this. Travel or study possibilities may be involved. Take action where and when it’s needed with business schemes or communications on Jan 12th. Take care with travel and with chance encounters. Don’t get involved any wrangles and don’t be hasty. You’ll be flying along with good ideas, good friends and interesting activities after Jan 15th. Who knows where it will lead! Somewhere you don’t expect!

Domestic doings are in the frame after Jan 16th. There may be work, improvements or a feisty male. There’s a creative or romantic mood from Jan 18th. Don’t give way to errors of judgement or confusion. A New Moon in Capricorn sets a new pattern for emotional or domestic life on Jan 20th. The Sun into Aquarius on Jan 20th brings focus on lifestyle, romance and new ventures. Work and money will be hit by changes or a bit of drama as Jupiter and Uranus clash on Jan 22nd.

Outward urge
Mercury is in Capricorn, focusing on home, family and domestic concerns. Something may need discussion and action. Make decisions or set directions at the end of the first week. Mercury enters Aquarius on Jan 15th, shifting focus to creative efforts, recreational activity or romance. You may engage in interesting projects or ventures. You may begin an unusual activity or liaison. Things will move at an exciting pace for a time but you may need to consider decisions or discuss crucial differences as the month comes to an end.

It’s social
Venus bobs quickly out of Capricorn and into Aquarius on Jan 4th. You’ll be set for play, Libra. Romance, social gatherings and unusual people will feature, especially after Jan 10th. There may be an occasion or a gathering of some significance. The air is filled with the buzz of people and ideas. Enjoy the good feeling. Romance may be on the rise. Some of you will have distinctly erotic urges. There may be a cutback with money or a break with someone after Jan 22nd. On Jan 29th, Venus enters Pisces, focusing on social interactions around work, health or daily routines. Keep it simple. Do what you have to. Be sensitive.

A change of mood
Mars is in Sagittarius and you’re out there, dodging the traffic, having testy conversations with siblings or neighbours or launching new business drives or schemes. Jan 12th could push a few buttons or get something new underway. Jan 16th see Mars enter Capricorn, shifting the focus to home and family or domestic life. There may be home improvement projects, a feisty individual or a touch of erotic heat. You can get a lot done but take care with safety if there’s work at home. Sharp edges or blunt objects may not be your friends.

Love & Blessings

Answer by chainlightning38
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Libra September 23 – October 23
Remember: Only by looking deep within yourself, will you find the answer to your nagging digestive troubles.

Forecast for the year:
Libra September 23 – October 23
Learn to focus on the positives this year, instead of just dwelling on January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, November, and December.

Answer by Arthur Richards
you will get lucky, play your hunch and dont look back

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