What does my daily horoscope mean?

What does my daily horoscope mean?
Have you ever wished for a glossy magazine photo to come to life and answer all your questions? Today’s the sort of day when reality and fantasy interact. Strange, mythical beast are on the Horizon so stay alert.

Answer by ~Enlighten~
Stay alert and don’t get too caught up in fantasies and delusions. You may find the answers you’ve been looking for and become enlightened if you combine reality with your fantasies.

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Can someone explain this love horoscope for me?
Today’s aspect at play could mean that a brainwave has a powerful impact on your current relationship. If you have both been trying to get a mutual project off the ground, but have so far run up against innumerable obstacles, then you can expect them to be blown out of the way by an idea that seems completely obvious, and yet it also totally brilliant. Tonight you can celebrate

Answer by _MiR_
Daily horoscopes are usually meant to be vague because they are not based on astrology. Most sites and newspapers that have a daily horoscope completely make it up. It is not based on transits at all. Furthermore, it would be difficult to find a horoscope that is accurate based on a persons sun sign because we are composed of many astrological signs. This just underscores why most places that have daily horoscopes fabricate them. You can on specialized astrological sites find monthly horoscopes based on transits that are less vague.

Good Luck. I hope this helps. 😀

Answer by Fairy
Why don’t you check out yourself. I am giving you some hints, it might break your disbelief on love horoscope or make it even stronger.

When you can’t rely upon relations rely on technology http://mb-free-cosmic-love-compatibility.mysticboard.com/

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