What does Juno and Chiron indicate in your natal chart?

What does Juno and Chiron indicate in your natal chart?
Are they as important as the other placements or are they more minor in importance?

Answer by SaggiMC
chiron shows our wounds, by sign, house and aspects.
“The house position shows the particular area of our life where these things will manifest. The sign position shows how they tend to work out. What follows is a brief introduction to Chiron in the horoscope. If you would like to see an in depth analysis, the best book on the subject (in my opinion) is Chiron and the Healing Journey by Melanie Reinhart. The Real Key to Dealing With Chiron Problems: ” http://www.bobmarksastrologer.com/chiron21.5.html

Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner and Outer Planets, By Barbara Hand Clow
This is an excellent book most free on the net

Juno in the horoscope gives a good indication of the kind of marriage partner that we need and will get. Not the partner we think we want (those are ruled by Venus and Mars), but the one we need and actually wind up with. Let’s get things straight here before we go into the details about Juno in your horoscope. Venus and Mars show what we consider to be our ideal man or woman. The 5th house describes the type of people we tend to get involved with romantically. The 7th house tells us the kind of person our first marriage partner will be (and the 9th house describes our 2nd marriage partner, if any). Juno works on a more fundamental level.

Juno, also known as Hera, has attributes similar to those of Venus, but whereas Venus is the initial attraction or infatuation, Juno is about the commitment that may or may not follow. It relates to marriage and partnerships, and can indicate by the sign it is posited in the kind of qualities admired in another person. It is representative of attraction, receptivity and compatibility with others. It is the wife or the woman’s role in an intimate relationship. Wherever you find Juno in the birthchart is where you will find indications of where you are most likely to meet someone with whom you may have a long-term, committed relationship.

Keywords and what it rules:
Abuse (by spouse), agreements, atmosphere, attraction, compatibility, contracts, divorce, fairness, fear of abandonment, flowers, infidelity, jealousy, marriage, partnership, possessiveness, receptivity, separation, soul mate, trust, vulnerability, weather, wife

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