Should I believe in horoscope? ?

Should I believe in horoscope? ?
i know that horoscopes are general and i don’t really take it seriously. However, I went to both yahoo and msn horoscope and both of them said i should tell someone close my feelings by end of this month. It specifically said “no risk no award” (I’m Virgo). Ironically, I have been falling for my guy friend and I wonder if I should give it a try. The horoscope is giving me confidence to take a risk and I don’t know if it’s a good thing.

if horoscopes aren’t true, why is it there and why do some people believe in them? i know people choose their destiny but can horoscope be a guidance?

any horoscope coming true stories do you guys have?


Answer by u can’t trick a trickster
no, thats all bs, don’t believe it.
IDK what religions say that horoscopes are used, because the bible says that anything with scorcery or anything like that, is from satan, not of God

Answer by foxxylady
Astrology holds alot of truth about you and those you deal with. Keep the horoscope in mind but make logical decisions. And then also, the risk that the horoscope is talking about may not be about you and this guy it could be something else (job,business,school etc).

Answer by Jamis G
yeah horoscopes are bullrubish as my science teacher says, they open doors 2 the devil in your life and trust me thats not good. if u really need help talk 2 sum1 religious. your welcome. lol sorry

Answer by Big Dooley
Some people believe in them because of there religion. I personally don’t believe in them. It’s fun to mess around with though. In my opinion it does not choose your destiny but you may use it as a guidance if you want.

p.s I’m a christian and i believe god leads your life.

Answer by Jason S
Horrorscopes (misspelled on purpose) are a bunch of hooey. They are about as reliable as Mrs. Cleo.

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what are some good websites that tell you the horoscopes of your daily day and what is going to happen?

Answer by sleepless.moonbeam
These ones work for best me:

Answer by Shyshy
has very good updates on Horoscopes

if you want, you can also look up your sign and it’ll show you what you’re all about. Including money, relationship, health, characteristics and a whole lot of other stuff. All you do is type in your sign and if you’re male or female. Then you’re good to go.

Answer by Yours Truly Cindy
ones who want to suck the life out of you

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