Reputable Horoscope Websites?

Reputable Horoscope Websites?
Does anyone know any horoscope websites actually based off of astrological readings? I hear a lot of them just give out random statements every day. I’ve been feeling down lately and I’ve been searching for advice. What website can give me legitimate predictions, and not one that just gives me some generic computer generated fortune-cookie answer.

Answer by JANA
This place sends them like clock work…and they have been really accurate.

Astrology: Your Free Daily Personalized Horoscope

Answer by Vanilla124
I like . Also, search “cafe astrology” in google. That’s a good one.

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What are some good FREE HOROSCOPE SITES?

Answer by unjustable
Also looking for RELIABLE and ACCURATE horoscope sites with daily readings and predictions!

Answer by Astrology Goddess

Answer by jam l
most of them or scam with loads of spyware

Answer by sweetjenniferlynn

Best one I have used…. also give birth & compatibility charts….

You actually have to put in your time, place & date of birth and they will save that as your profile and give you a horoscope reading daily based off where the placements are excatly in your personal chart…. So it is not just some universal scope for everone in your sun sign

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Free Daily Horoscope 11-15-2007.

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