Is Jupiter the lucky planet? Do you read your horoscope?

Is Jupiter the lucky planet? Do you read your horoscope?
I heard Jupiter is suppose to be the lucky planet. I’ve read for geminis it came in June 2012 and will stay until June2013.

Also I’ve read a lot of my horoscopes this week. I usually only read them for fun but, they’ve all said the same thing. I could see a gain of money from a financial windfall and my left hand has been itching today.

I was just wondering about the planet Jupiter and what does it mean.

4.Venus: Taurus
6.Jupiter: Aquarius
9.Neptune: Capricorn

Answer by Snoo-pie♡Sasha
Oh yeah, in Aquarius :)

Answer by suzie
i also heard sumthing like jupiter’s in scorpio :/

oh btw i resolved all my new q’s yesterday..else u had more dan 10 q to answer :(
ill make sure to open my q’s till u dont answer next time :)

Answer by Disney
Depends where Jupiter is. Aqua Jupiter thrives in groups, and love to move in and out of friend circles. Your gifts can find their way into activism, music and the Arts, the Sciences, technology, community building, inventing and metaphysics.

Answer by Soul keeper
I will share a little secret with you. Jupiter by itself does not give you luck or bestow blessings.

Jupiter is inter-connective energy. This is energy that connects the personal planets with the higher octave planets . Jupiter is large for a reason.Your personal philosophy plays a role and will determine your blessings. How you treat others,how you treat yourself,gratitude and charity,all play a role…in this life and the next.

Jupiter can also be excess of all of your planetary balance is good .But a surplus of your goodness gives you a credit and not a debit.Don’t look at one house or a few with your whole being and stay blessed in all areas of your life. This would be more fulfilling .

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Horoscopes: How is your Self-confidence?
And your Sun, moon, age, and gender?

Me, I have SOME self-confidence. My confidence is good when it comes to.. lol something like Dodge ball, push ups, fighting, getting good grades, and talking to new people i’ve never met before(even when I’m shy at times)

but when it comes asking out a girl or something, my self confidence flies SOUTH..Oh well, at least I’m not too focused on dating anyway.

Sun: Cancer
Moon: Virgo
Age: 16(you could also say 16 1/2)
Gender: Male
or, if you prefer not to type a story, you can rate your self confidence a # out of 50
@Pia- lol, hey 50 was a more flexible choice to pick for maximum, instead of out of 10, you know?

Answer by ƖƦƠƝƖƛƘ
im doing extremely well with self confidence

libra sun
sagittarius moon
17 male

lol for me its the other way around i have alot of self confidence with girls but i need to work on my confidence at the gym

good morning my queen pia 😀

Answer by ᴘɪA❤Kᴀʟᴇʟɪᴜs
Out of 50? Lol…
Okay… I have a good deal of self-confidence…

Out of 50, I’d give myself a 38

Answer by Ara
In between. 25/50.

Sun – Libra
Moon – Taurus
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Answer by D3ADxSi7eNCe
my self confidence keeps soaring everyday. the more i live the more knowledge i obtain and that affects my self worth a lot. out of 50 i would say i am in the high 40’s. i also do need to start focusing this energy at the gym, but for the most part, everything i do i become the best or among the best at it. this is probably bc my self worth/confidence is high.

Sun: Virgo
Moon: Leo
Age: 28
Gender: male

@mark: good luck…your energy motivates me, i can feel it.

Answer by Mark
I was a fat child growing up so I worked hard to get into great shape, completely transform my style to fit my new body and to keep trying to evolve appearance-wise as much as I can. Although I hated being a fat/insecure kid, in a lot of ways it’s benefited me because I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for my past. I also want to look really great when I get old, and will fight and do whatever it takes to maintain it. I’m very, very determined. If I truly want something, I will get it or I will die trying. I always think, like, this is the ONLY life I’m going to live, I DON’T want to be the old man years from now sitting on a couch in regret of things I KNOW I could have accomplished. With that said, see you guys on my new talk show in a few years, or CNN, or with my own fashion + product line. HOLLER.

Sun: Gemini
Moon: Sagittarius
Age: 19
Gender: Male

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  1. a♥ says

    Sometimes my confidence is really high, and sometimes it’s really low. It just kinda depends lol :s Like right now it’s really low, I had a really bad day and everything. But in general it’s either in the middle or high.

    Sun: Leo
    Moon: Cancer
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female

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