How do I find out what my horoscope says?

How do I find out what my horoscope says?
So today, i heard some people say ” today my horoscope says I will have a good day”, or ” today my horoscope says i will judge someone” how do i find out that. Where do I go to find out what my horoscope says. Please help me.

Answer by 0475839216
normally, this is in the local’s also on the internet. I think yahoo has such a page; a horoscope page.

Answer by pattie g
well you could go to yahoo horoscopes and also just go to yahoo or google and search for daily horoscopes and that wher u can fing them

Answer by Dee
There are many websites that send you ur daily horoscope each day,
for free as well as reading it daily in the local newspaper. Here are a few
sites that send you ur free daily horoscope according to ur sign daily,
just by signing up to receive it:

and, there is a couple that I receive everyday, that goes according to ur
birthdate, and gives exact times of what you can expect to happen:
(this is where you can also get free birthcharts in seconds.
Hope this helps and good luck!

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newspaper horoscope

What are some items that can be put into a newspaper?
I have to make a newspaper for a project, what are some extra things i can add to make the newspaper better?

Answer by Jock
Put your most interesting stories on the front page.
Make sure you have one good-sized pic on each page, preferably in the top part of the page, with a smaller pic or maybe a couple of small head shots lower down. This will prevent the page looking like one solid slab of grey type.
The main story on the page should have the biggest type for the headline and should also be placed in the top part of the page. The lower down the page, the smaller the headline type should be.
Try to include one or two stories with a little humor in them so the paper isn’t serious material throughout, everyone likes a little light relief.
On the front page you can have a series of small pointers consisting of a very small headline and a few words promoting the best four or five stories on inside pages.
Readers love a crossword and a cartoon, these need to be towards the bottom of a page and certainly not on the front.
Try an advice column, horoscopes, a fashion section, a what’s hot and what’s not list, sports.
A vox-pop in which you ask four to six people a question about a topical subject (ie “do you think the town needs more police?”) complete with small head shots of those questioned will also go down well.
You could try writing an editorial comment piece on a subject dear to your heart — it should be a fairly serious subject.
Don’t have the stories in the paper too long. Lengthy stories are a turn-off.
You can dot on the end of stories an “on the web” link to a website on the subject.
Go to the library and get other ideas by looking through the various newspapers there.
It is vital that all material is spellchecked, as a newspaper’s credibility depends on its accuracy.

Answer by the old dog
You can put Fish ‘n’ Chips in it, and wrap raw fish in it. I use it for rags when cleaning the windows so you can put some “Windex” in it.
Not much more than that unless you’re actually publishing a newspaper. Then you can cover any article you want! At least as long as it’s “politically correct” and does not have cartoons of Muhammad in it…

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Is astrology the same as the newspaper horoscope? Or is it something more. This video show how different astrologers describe astrology and explores the different branches. Using Tiger Woods as an example, it also shows how the Sun, Moon and Ascendant can be used to help describe an individual.

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