How can I stop these text messages?

How can I stop these text messages?
I don’t know why, but I’ve been receiving Yahoo Horoscopes through text messages. I text them back STOP, but the text messages keep coming. Does anyone know how else to stop them? Thanks in advance.

Answer by pam
take your name off list

Answer by Debbie
Go to yahoo alerts main page and change your settings

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What does it mean to have an intense karmic bond?
Like realationship wise, I was reading Yahoo, horoscopes

Answer by Chris W
PLEASE read the WHOLE poast, it took me a long time to come up with all of this.

they ment you did somthing in a past life or present one that would bond you to another person

effectively “you where born for this to happen”

could also mean you are bonded in a bad way, or just trivial

but seriously, don’t put any stock in horoscopes, the person telling you don’st know anything about you, they will say somthing that sounds good, that can be translated as true nomater what happens, then you will be like “thats what they ment, how did i not see that coming”

karmic bond, can be translated as meaning taht yall where born to love eachother, or it can mean that you are tied to a person in a way that yall will constantly be at war. it can also be somthing completely trivial such as kara will cause you to give this person a rubber band for free, becuase they gave you one for free in a past life.

the word INTENSE that they used here, doesn’t actually apply, it would basically mean that there is absolutely no chance that you woudn’t give them a rubber band in this life.

generally horoscopes dont’ actually mean anything, they just say things, and you don’t know what they actually mean, and because you are reading horoscopes you probably think that they will give you information that will make your life better. therefore you will be placing YOUR OWN HOPES (or possibly fears) into the spots in the fortune that you don’t quite understand.

so in the end, all that happens is that you just use a cheap way of finding out what you want to do with your life. The only reason that horoscopes might seem to work is that if you believe in somthing, it will be more likely to happen because you will have confidence in it, and in yourself becuase you will beleave that it’s fate.

if your reading horoscopes to try to find out what to do with your life, the answer is that you already know, you should take some time out and reflect on your feelings, maby talk to people or find stories about others that are in the same place in life that you are now. this will boost your confidence for how you want to approach the future.

(please comment back or email me, with how this answer has helped or hurt you, so that i will become better at answering similar questions)

Answer by Morbid Angel
this can be taken to mean a few different things, mostly past life relationships when you involve whole chart synchronicity (compatibility) especially any astrological connections to your natal Pluto (birthchart placement). Pluto represents karmic bonds in relationships when linked to your Venus and sometimes Mars for males, also when linked to another’s natal Venus or Mars, when compared. sometimes also Saturn. it depends on the relationship you’re analysing.

generally karmic bonds are (pre)formed with people who seem to enter your life frequently and unavoidably – you always tend to run into them and there always seems to be an ‘understanding’ of sorts between you, without even saying a word (but of course you usually would – many actually, and discover that you have many mutual interests, events, people or things in common to support this ‘understanding’) – very much a fateful feeling and connection.

this can also extend to the negative side too. certain enemies may also seem to sabotage you or dislike you for no apparent reason, and seem intent on subconsciously making your life hell, or you may instantly dislike someone without knowing why.

with both of those examples, i dont mean a superficial ‘oh i dont like him’ or ‘gee she’s cute’… i mean an intensity you cant explain… an inner ‘knowing’. something thats unexplainable, but constant / regular… it hits you hard, many times, no matter what you do or where you go, or try to avoid it… theres a bond there, regardless and it’s not something you consciously set about creating. it just happens TO you without your consent, if you will.

he whole purpose is that you are learning lessons from these people, good or bad, things you need to learn in this lifetime. you may also teach the other person lessons in return. its not conscious, again, but something you do without knowing you’ve done it. it’s something you each get out of each other unconsciously and perhaps they are from a past life and you never finished your relationship somehow – you’re going to sort it out in this one, one way or another, and learn lessons from the past life ‘residue’ that they are projecting onto you. theres a definite need to ackowledgement in these relationships – they seem very important and destined to happen in your mind. Not many people get these or are in tune to them when they may happen. a lot of people use the terms ‘soul mate’ and ‘fate’ lightly, especially when in magazines etc. these are not light subjects but for real, and as i said, not everyone gets them, nor do they have a say in who it is, what kind of relationship, or actually go out there and make this happen. it’s a very sacred thing for those who do reflect on their life and see what’s going on and what the spotlight is illuminating in thier life and relationship.

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