How accurate are dream dictionaries?

How accurate are dream dictionaries?
I like to read dream dictionaries online about my dreams, but are they accurate at all, or just very big guesses?

Answer by Avery
They are very accurate like dude, so very accurate.

Answer by Tim
Dreams come from three sources. The mind, God, and demons. If the dream dictionary does not acknowledge a spiritual realm you will get many mistakes. A dream from God requires that you let Him define the symbols in which case you need to use the Bible.

Answer by Angela
You can interpret your own dreams.

“You dream of speeding and being caught. but there is no punishment.”
This shows that you’re trying to get somewhere in your life and when you get caught, something blocks you or prevents you from getting there, it has no affect on you.

dream dictionaries don’t worry in my opinion.

Answer by littleblondemohawk
Dream dictionaries can offer some input on the symbolism in dreams. BUT, they dont always take into account your feelings about the symbol (ex, the symbolism of snakes in a dream depends on if you like snakes or if you are afraid of them), which is sometimes important in defining what the symbol means. They also dont take into account the context in the dream (ex, what the snakes are doing) this could make a difference in what the symbol means as well. Dream dictionaries also cant know what is going on in your life, and certain life events will change the symbolism (ex, a woman dreaming she is pregnant has a different meaning depending on if she is pregnant in real life or not pregnant).

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dream dictionary

Where can I Find a Dream Dictionary?
Is there any Website which help me regarding the dream dictionary..

Answer by Eulalia
It is important to remember there are two types of dream dictionaries. There is the type that uses psychology to interpret dreams and there is the type that say dreams are predictions. You can buy either type at amazon or your local bookstore. You can also find them in your local library. Look here for more information:

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments! The dream interpretation and the dream meaning website. This website contains a dream dictionary with dream symbols . The dictionary of dreams provide interpretation of dreams and meanings of dreams. You can also find some interesting dream facts. The dream dictionary is the biggest dream dictionary you can find online.Dream dictionary A Dream dictionary B Dream dictionary C Dream dictionary D Dream dictionary E Dream dictionary F Dream dictionary G Dream dictionary H Dream dictionary I Dream interpretation J Dream interpretation K Dream interpretation L Dream interpretation M Dream interpretation N Dream interpretation O Dream interpretation P Dream interpretation Q Dream interpretation R Dream meaning S Dream meaning T Dream meaning U Dream meaning V Dream meaning W Dream meaning X Dream meaning Y Dream meaning Z

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