Horoscopes: Real or Not?

Horoscopes: Real or Not?
I love reading my horoscopes daily and sometimes they are eerily on point but is this coincidence or is there truth behind the Zodiac?

Answer by Solar Sagittarius
Horoscopes are a man made thing. Unless they are done based on your birth chart they will never be totally accurate, but if you are lucky enough like you have been to find an accurate site than great! Many people will deny the reality of astrology because “modern science and religion are too good for it”. What most people tend to forget is that not only did the ancients (who were pretty intelligent) rely on astrology and the placement of the stars, but literally every major religion has its roots in astrology, including Christianity! (though Christians will deny this to the death. why is every major church built on astrological points then?) Yes, astrology is real.

Dear One,
Many say they believe in horoscope, but the hard fact is that they are nothing more than hopeful, or they have seen something that makes them suspect 99%. The example of this for me is that many say that they have seen God. Well, I saw God.

Answer by Tiana
Astrology in general has some truth to it but. Remember that every person is different and isn’t always smack on the book as told. Daily horoscopes however many are fake, lots of these people writing them are putting thoughts into your head by giving off an obvious statement that EVERY possible person can relate to, example could be “you may not get what you want today, but stay on track etc etc ” Of course everyone doesn’t get what they want so many people will think of how they can relate to the sentence. People are always searching for what they can relate to when reading or watching something. It’s basically all psychology. But don’t get me wrong I enjoy and have faith in astrology still ;p just none of that daily horoscope newspaper crap

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