Horoscopes for couples?

Horoscopes for couples?
Is there a site where I can get my mine and my partners indiviual horoscope and ours as a couple also? I’d like one that would e-mail it to me free daily. Is there such a site? Thanx for any help.

Answer by limey_not_lime
Sun sign horoscopes for individuals and couples are largely nonsense and just for amusement..

An astrologer can erect a chart for you and your partner, and this type of chart is called a synastry chart, or a composite for how you work together as a long-term partnership. Daily horoscopes are not possible from these types of chart.

Answer by yunchi30
I know a few good sites




Scroll down and click where it says Are you really meant for each other and click on The friend’s and lovers report.

another one I Iove is http://www.adze.com/VenusFiles/

remember to put 12pm if you don’t know the time of birth.

Answer by unknown2u

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Birth chart calculator: http://www.astrolada.com/index.php?option=com_wrapper&view=wrapper&Itemid=102 www.astrolada.com Based in London for over ten years, L…

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  1. Tami says

    I would love to know how well my love one and me to know our daily couple horoscope

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