Hi, nice to meet you.
Today I’ll tell you your horoscopes for today.
Oh yeah, these only are for girls.

Capricorn: A chat with a friend will help you to offload.
Aquarius: Bite your tongue. Nobody likes a liar.
Pisces: Help comes from an unlikely friend.
Aries: Feel proud of what you’ve done.
Taurus: You can wrap him round your little finger any day.
Gemini: There aren’t enough fit boys around today.
Cancer: It’s time to make a big decision.
Leo: Take some advice.
Virgo: Check your inbox.
Libra: Time to talk to the guy looking your way.
Scorpio: Try not to blame him.
Sagittarius: Success is on it’s way.

Answer by ❤kαrmα
S ¸.••.❀•Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

Answer by ρєαÇɦє§ ♥
Ok I’m ready for some advice ppl 😛

Answer by bean
I’m a Virgo and thanks for posting this, I’m interested in Astrology :)

Answer by Get Offa My Cloud!
thank u! lol

Answer by Dennis M
And you question is…?

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can anyone tell what my eros sign?
im at work no access to
jersey city nj
4 30 pm

Thank you
thanks everyone. i want to give a special thanks to ARIA. i really do feel good today lol.
i mean RIA sowwey.

Answer by Itch
your eros is in sagittarius (:

Answer by Forgotten

Answer by Luchie

Answer by Ria Nicks

Here is your Personal Daily Horoscope of Thursday, 30 December 2010

I will also give you the link at the bottom so you can see the whole thing when you get the chance.

Personal magnetism:

Today you will want to express yourself in as many ways as possible, but principally with someone else. You feel very affectionate and sociable, as well as just plain good. Your physical health is excellent, although you feel more like sitting around and luxuriating than like doing something vigorous. This is a good day to please yourself. The harsh realities of the everyday world do not appeal to you today, and you would enjoy escaping to a brighter and prettier world, which would do no harm. You may be quite popular today, as the magnetism of this influence attracts other people to you. Your relationships with men are likely to be better than those with women today, but both will be good. In either case, you will find that your own attractiveness is inexplicably enhanced by this influence.


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