thank you.
Thank you friends, no wonder I feel like crap today, I ‘ll take a swim later, unless there’s a chance of me drowning or something…Will tomorrow be a better day?

Answer by Beautiful_Stranger
It may be hard for you to connect with others today, dear Leo. You may be off in your own little world. Chances are that you are talking about one thing, while the person you are talking to is off in his or her own little world thinking about something else. You might want to just keep quiet and stay in your own little world by yourself. Strengthen your self-esteem by focusing on yourself instead of trying to get others to focus on you.

Answer by catINtheHAT
yay im a leo too!! *high five*

Leo 01-08-2007

There is an important lesson for you to learn today, dear Leo, so don’t shy away from the classroom. It is important for you to control your attitude at this time or else it is likely to take control of you. It could be that your ego is a bit over inflated and you may ended up turning people away if you are not aware of how your actions are affecting them. Or it could be that you need to make a change in your approach.

Answer by norland184
You need to pull back from any joint financial business, at least for a few days. Even if you think it’s a sure thing, there’s enough emotional undercurrents to make it questionable until more information comes in!

Answer by Steph
Today is not a good day to take part in financial dealings with other people.

You need to pull back from any joint financial business, at least for a few days. Even if you think it’s a sure thing, there’s enough emotional undercurrents to make it questionable until more information comes in.

Answer by ~♥LivvyBaby♥~
Try this site

Give your answer to this question below!

whats up with the judgemental and close minded people in the horoscope section today?
First off I’d like to say that I don’t believe in horoscopes because it’s only based off of sun sign astrology. Which makes it super vague and can usually be interpreted by whoever’s reading it as correct, maybe by whatever’s going on in there lives. BUT people, there is a difference between horoscopes and astrology. And please before you go judge someone’s beliefs, how bout actually research it and become knowledgeable on the subject. You sound very ignorant if you know nothing about it. I bet you haven’t even given it a chance or looked up your own birth chart. I use astrology as a tool to get to know myself, which take most people a whole lifetime to figure out. Astrology has changed my life, and im a happier person because of it. So if it makes us happy, why hate?? I wouldn’t judge someone because they have different beliefs. I don’t live my life based upon what my damn horoscope says, or my compatibility says and most of us dont. We just know that there is more to astrology than you half witted people over here judging it.

In astrology, you are NOT just your sun sign. And people that know astrology know this. We would never judge people by a sun sign. We know you are a mixture of signs. We know astrology is complex, and unfortunately, sun sign astrology is the norm.

Okay just wanted to vent. Because I dont get what’s going on in this section today. People you need to get a life. Be positive and open your mind a little
@ Ava… How is that close minded and judgmental of me? I completely understand why they don’t get it or against it, but it is usually because they don’t know anything about it. do you see what I’m saying?? it would be like someone going over to the religion section and telling them they are all wrong because they believe in the bible and have faith when they’ve never read the bible or know anything about their religion. I get that everyone has different beliefs, I don’t go around judging them, this is not a judgment on the haters, it’s venting about them judging us.
when I’ve never*

Answer by Hebi
Because modern society has a dent in its respect towards other people’s beliefs. See the crusades for example. You are completely correct, people don’t understand Astrology, yet they continue to criticize as if they knew Astrology by heart.

Answer by Amethyst33
I wanted to post the same question but decided not to because it isn’t going to change anything.

I find it sad that people come into our Horoscope Section for the sole purpose of demeaning both astrologers and astrology.

Yes this is called Horoscope Section and not Astrology Section because most of the people on this site really don’t know astrology but many want to learn. And I feel that we should help them learn.

My greatest dislike of this practice of coming to this section and spreading hate because people that do this are making new negative karma and are being intolerant to boot.

I feel they need to get a life. Go to a section that they are passionate about. Don’t come here and hate on us that enjoy astrology. Get a life.

Thank you for allowing me to vent. As I have little patience for those that stir up crap just for the fun (is that what it is?) of it. Or maybe they feel “superior” to us folks that believe in astrology.

Frankly they need to get a life and make some good karma for themselves. Good luck and bless you and thanks for speaking up.

Answer by The Undertaker
I couldn’t have put it better. :) Totally agree. I don’t rely on horoscopes ever and too generalized. You have to use Astrology as a tool to better yourself or help others along your path. For those who disbelieve, they should respect others and move on or post elsewhere.


Answer by 안디 ☆〜(ゝ。∂)
Coulnt Agree More! They are like dogs saying that colors are fake, while you clearly know dogs are colorblind, they know nothing about colors.

Answer by Baron Otto Matic
I don’t judge beliefs unless someone is saying they are factual and can’t back it up. Then you can’t use belief as your shield.

Come on and tell us what we don’t know. Most of you are self taught meaning astrology can’t be that complex. So if we get access the same sources as you have, we can be just as informed. We want the truth if you can inform us, how can that be negative? Or link us to people that can. It would be nice if someone here would take on leader role and not insult those that have doubt. You act that there can’t be someone knowledgeable of astrology and still find it to be false.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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  1. Arien ♈♊♊ says

    “It would be nice if someone here would take on leader role and not insult those that have doubt”

    They don’t even have doubt sir, they don’t even what they are into. They should at least read to what others said about Astro not only base by Sun sign, so they either the next question they asked would be Why is Astro so complicated? What is Moon? Why i only know my Sun?

    I agree with the “take on leader role” though

    Now back to the point, close minded people in the “horoscope” section
    We can’t change the fact this section is named Horoscope not “Astrology”, so until Yahoo change the section name, all to do is to sit duck. As for those who blame Astrology, this section is Horoscope? no? yes? why drag Astrology into your Horrorscope?

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  2. Ava says

    Do you see the irony of your question? I think it’s pretty judgemental and closed minded of you not to accept that other people have different opinions. Yes, it can be annoying when people bombard sections like this, but if you are confident with your beliefs then what they post really should be of no consequence to you. You have options of how to deal with such users: you can engage with them (debate them, educate them etc), ignore them or block them. Maybe they have looked up their chart and still disagree with the whole concept of astrology, who knows. Each to their own.

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  3. The First Kevin says

    ‘Cause many of them haven’t had their picnic in the park yet since its not Sunday for many of them.
    They are taking walks and notice all these other groups with their picnics and are very cranky about it.

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