Can someone please tell me about how compatible these two charts are?

Can someone please tell me about how compatible these two charts are?
I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me about these two charts and their compatibility.



Details are appreciated :) Thanks in advance

Answer by dandelion:]
Well the first thing I look at is the males Mars sign and the females Venus sign. If your Venus is in Pisces and his Mars is in Scorpio, then you two “Trine”; which is a good compatiblity aspect to have if you’re looking for romance. I guess it means attraction…I don’t remember. But look up on google, “Venus trine Mars in SYNASTRY”….synastry is a word used for astrological compatiblity. So use that word when you’re looking up a certain aspect between the two of you, or else you’ll be reading the wrong thing.

Also, I’d advice you to Google “Free astrology compatiblity reading”, and you’ll get a free computerized one which is just as accurate, and more detailed than you’ll get from asking here.

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Top 10 worst questions of the section….???
Ok, I know we’re not here to judge anyone but, some questions here are not really looking for actual answers and sometimes they are completely irrelevant.

Here is my list:

#1. What do you know about the sign x? What does it mean?
I think Google can give better answers to this and it also saves us from the trouble of the copying and pasting thing….

#2. Is y a good sign?
Why is it SO hard for people to understand that there are NO good or bad signs? We all have advantages and disadvantages and that does not even a relate to Astrology; it’s human nature!

#3. What is the most beautiful/sexy/smart/hard-working/charming/lazy/passionate sign?
It is needless to say that most of the answerers (if not all!) claim their sign to be the best…So, is it really worth spending 5 points for knowing which sign comes first in population??

#4. I am a x, he/she is a z…Can this work?
Now this one is not silly…But, people don’t realize that we always need their D.O.B.
And I’m sick of saying this…There are NOT only sun signs .There should be a label or something in this section: “Don’t post a question unless you include your D.O.B. information”

#5. . Aren’t we (insert sign here) fabulous/great/magnificent?
Ok, we all like our sign (at least I do!) so, where is the point in asking such a question?

#6. (that should be my top one) What is your sign?
Why aren’t people sick of this one yet? This question gets at least 20 answers every time…not to mention stars! What is so interesting about it, anyway?

Okay, I’m waiting for your list….;)
restless_angel: I was sure you would-it’s because you’re serious about Astrology. You have the 10’…;)
2 minutes (whatever…!)
Fireball: I’m a Capricorn, if that’s what you’re asking..

Thank you, guys – I really wish there was a section ONLY for those who are serious about Astrology.

By the way, I think I’ll have a difficult time choosing the Best Answer here…;)

Answer by Fireball226
i dont keep track..with the what is your sign one ive noticed there are so many responses.those will stay unresolved.

Answer by restless_angel73
OH, Eliza, I LOVE this question!!!!!

Give me 2 minutes, I’ll be back with my list….

And good morning:-D

Okay, #7: Are horoscopes 4 real? (or even worse, are horoscopes tru? hate those mis spelled words!) Seriously, how many different answers are you going to get for that one?!?!? And why does it need to be asked 80 times a week?

#8: ANY question in which the term “star sign” is used. There’s no such thing, people. Sun sign, moon sign, all of the rest of the planets sign….no star sign. Sorry.

#9: Can you guess what my sign is by reading a description of my character traits, or by looking at my picture, etc…. Sometimes it’s prefaced with “hey, Fun astrology game!”

Well, it might have been fun the first time….but really, giving us your character traits may indicate something about your sun sign, but will also indicate aspects of your personality influenced by other planets in your chart….And a picture will only indicate the ascendant really strongly.

And #10: Another compatibility question, but this one goes “I am a W, should I go out with the X, Y orZ?”….Not that simple:P

Honorable mention: “Can/should I use astrology to plan the birth date of my child?”….Just kind of leaves me feeling a bit queasy…

and also

“Are there any psychics on tonight who will give me a free reading?”

Ahhhh, venting feels good:-)

Thanks Eliza:-D

EDIT: LOL at the “2 minutes….whatever” comment!!!! I’m never on time for anything, Eliza!

EDIT #2: Lol #1 Girl, yes, what will be the name of my soul mate is Classic!

Answer by ♥#1 Girl ♥
LOL, here are some I’d love to add

#7. What is my sign? My birthday is Dec 1st?

#8. Scorpio or Gemini?

#9. Do you like your sign? If you could, would you change? why and why not?

#10. Why are X sign such a liar??

#11. When will I find my love?

#12. Will I have arranged marriage?

#13. What will be the name of my soul mate?

#14. My star sign is sagitarious/ saniatrians/ saggitarious!!
~Whatever wrong spelling really turns me off!! LOL

Answer by Passion
Sweetie, you couldn’t have asked a better question! I ask myself this all of the time too! Your right people ask these same questions over and over and their ridiculous! The ones that annoy me the most are the ones that ask what is the best or worst sign. I hate when people ask this because there isn’t a best or worst sign. Do people really think it’s fair to say that one sign in particular is better or worst than all the rest? That’s why there are 12 signs instead of one sign. If it was meant for one sign to be best then it would have been just that one sign to begin with. If a sign was meant to be worst it wouldn’t even be here to begin with. I think personally all the zodaic signs are very special and unique. They all have something great to offer to the world we live in.

Answer by Jim
My Presonal favorite is, “How do Capricorns and Leos get along?”

“Is it true that (enter sign) is a freak in bed?”, is a good one too.

What do you think? Answer below!

SCORPIO 2013 Annual Forecast Horoscope

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  1. Vodka-Infused Orange says

    Heh heh, love the question. Here’s a top 10 list (I’m going to try, at least), and my instant reactions when I read them. :p

    #1 “Compatibility: [insert sign]+[insert sign]?”

    Argh! o.O Not again!

    #2: “I’m a [insert sign]. What does that say about my personality?”

    Absolutely nothing, unless your Sun is heavily aspected and prominent in your chart – and even then your sun sign might not say a lot about you and be influenced by the other planets aspected to it… So give it a rest, people.

    #3: Any question re. Scorpio’s.

    Enough already! Scorpio’s aren’t mean, they aren’t evil. They’re people just like you and me even though they sometimes pretend they’re not. There’s NOTHING secretive about them!

    #4: “Do you believe in this horoscopes/astrology cr@p?”

    Yes we do, otherwise we wouldn’t be in this section.

    #5: “I’m a [insert sign]. Why do I act different from what my horoscope tells me?”

    Astrology 101. Your personality is never your sun sign.

    #6: “Which sign is the best/worst?”

    This is exactly what we try to avoid; bigotry!

    #7: “Psychic reading?”

    This is a HOROSCOPES section!!! Psychics are in the Alternative science section.

    #8: Any question from people looking for compliments about their sun sign.

    Maybe it’s the 11th house/Uranus/Aquarius 3rd house in me, but society over the individual. Either compliments about all the signs or none at all.

    #9: “How to deal with a partner/ex who is a [insert sign]?”

    You’re going out/been out with them. You should know them better than we do. So you tell us.

    #10: “Shouldn’t there be 13 star signs?/According to [insert source] I should be a [insert sign] even though my horoscopes says I’m a [insert next sign]. Is astrology to be trusted? (question regarding the precession of the equinoxes…)”

    Very annoying question. Even more annoying that people can’t seem to see any difference between “being named after” and “being influenced by”. If I was influenced by my name I’d be rich and famous. See? Easy difference.

    (My name means nobility, by the way :p)

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  2. mdm says

    you sound like you own the place here online, remember that we are all free to ask whatever we want and if someone is seeking advice they don’t need to say their dob.
    why do you bother to even read all the questions?
    you could do yourself a favor and read something else, or take some midol!

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  3. Liebe ist Schmerz says

    well Eliza, the characterize of people here and every where in life or web is Bored.

    feeling Bored is terrible, this is why we spend a lot of time here asking a Few silly questions.
    and i agree with your top 10.
    you are Sharp by the way :))

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  4. gillie says

    a lot of people are sceptical about astrology for them its like a trip into the unknown, o thats why theres a lot questions like whos sign is the best and so ad so forth. because they dont understnd the subject the are reluctant to give their dob. ethier tat or they think astrologers are psychic too

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  5. Wazzzup says

    lol, yeah good question, yeah there are lots of dumb questions in this section. But they don’t know anything about astrology like the few serious ones in here such as yourself and me.

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  6. tash123 says

    omg best question ever haha theres so many
    1. im — am i compatible with ——- (dont people get sick of copy pasting those huge answers)
    2. question that start with “any psychihcs here….?” of course not its HORSOCOPES section !
    3. people who ask whats my sign – come on arent there enoguh magazines in hte world with that information in them or maybe even a simple googel search
    4. people who say “do u beleive in astrology” of course we do that why were bloody here
    phew i have a ton more but i wont give u all of them

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  7. chaskfrazier says

    This really is a great question/post. Coming so late I notice that all the best questions have already been picked. But if I were to pick a #1 worst question it would have to be “Can any of you psychics tell me when will I find true love/get married/get a job/ blah, blah, blah?”

    Anyway, my actual list would only be a copy of what all of you have already said. So, I’ll list some of my most hated replies.

    #1. Astrology is a load of crap. (Usually the reply from someone who knows absolutely nothing about the subject).

    #2. The bible, god or jesus says that we shouldn’t follow astrology. (Show me where in the bible it says that).

    #3. When they say that Astrology is a load of crap in one post then a few posts later you see them defending the characteristics of their particular sun sign. ( LOL! If they don’t believe it, why would they care that someone said anything bad about their sign?).

    #4. The guy who TRULY DOESN’T BELIEVE in astrology but spends all of his time trolling the “Horoscopes” section posting his disbelief. (Doesn’t this guy spend way too much time on a subject that he claims isn’t worth our time?).

    #5. The people who use profanity, can’t spell and/or make a sensible, coherent sentence bragging about how smart/cool/great their sun sign is. (I am totally embarrassed when that idiot happens to be a member of my sun sign group).

    #6. I dated Sun sign X and they cheated so I will never date this Sign again because they are cheaters. (I think the art of cheating is universally across the astrological horoscope, Duh!).

    #7. Scorpio is the greatest sign to be in bed with. (And they think that is the only thing that is associated with this sign. If I were a Scorp, I’d feel like a total piece of meat).

    #8. ALL Geminis lie. (I have actually seen this one so many times that I think there should be a button we could push to delete anyone who makes this reply).

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  8. hummer says

    good observation eliza D. you’ve already point out some *YAWN* questions. and most peeps above have already mentioned the usuals. but here’s some from the top of my head (might be repeated)

    1) PSYCHICS…..please help me!!! plzzzzzz!!
    i personally dont believe in online psychic readings and giving out your personal particulars online. i find it hilarious on how some can trust their future in a mere stranger thats probly thousands miles apart.

    2) Are you really psychic???? If you really are, give me a reading!
    skeptics getting cheap thrills.

    3) Why are cancers crabby? Are pisces really cheaters? Are geminis two faced?
    redundancy of ignorance- they could just look up for the already answered questions, at least to get some ideas.

    4) are horoscope real? do you believe in astrology? why??? tell me!
    i wouldnt bother.

    5) im a scorpio and im a dragon in chinese astro- does this make me powerful?
    they forgot to sip in the idea that they are born in the YEAR of the dragon and not just tagging around that one could be exhibiting the traits of a dragon. its actually MORE CULTURAL. combining western astrology with chinese astrology- its like mixing oil and water. unless they actually live in an asian community where they abide their daily lifes by the chinese calender, beliefs and philosophies which comes to show, most of the people asking the questions here; DONT- i dont really see whats the whole point of asking? *well, ok, maybe they didnt know…..=P*

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