Are Yahoo!’s horoscopes written by real astrologists reading star charts, or are the horoscopes fake?

Are Yahoo!’s horoscopes written by real astrologists reading star charts, or are the horoscopes fake?
I’m just curious about how accurate horoscopes are. If horoscopes are accurate, shouldn’t all horoscopes say basically the same thing for the same sign? And is it really possible that people born around the same time of the year go through similar things? People sometimes really believe that horoscopes are applicable to them, but is it just because the horoscopes are written vaguely enough that almost anyone can apply something in their life to what is written?

My second part of the question is, how can the arrangement of stars affect what goes on in our lives?

Answer by tentofield
There is no evidence anywhere that astrology works. None whatsoever. It matters not whether you read star charts or make it up on the spot, it doesn’t work.

Answer by lindajune
Astronomy is based on scientific observation and data, tested and questioned and refined by the scientific method.

Astrology has no scientific basis, is not tested, does not use observation or facts. So they can’t be accurate – in fact, astrologers don’t even have the true facts of the planets and the sun’s movement in our sky correct. So if the basics of a pseudo-science are incorrect, how could the rest of it be accurate?

To your second part of the question- the arrangement of stars in our sky is purely subjective, based on patterns humans see in the random arrangements of stars that have no physical relationship to each other in space. So they can’t affect our lives in any way.

Answer by calnickel
Astrology is not real.

Even the ‘dates’ for your ‘sign‘ are about a month out of whack because of precession.

Answer by amansscientiae
All horoscopes are fake. Not just the ones on Yahoo.

Answer by john_holliday_1876
ALL horoscopes are fakes. Every single one. Astology is amusing at best, but actually quite dangerous bunk when people in positions of authority are dumb enough to base important decisions on it.

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What are some common pagan practices most Christians perform without knowing their pagan origins?
How about making a wish when one blows out the candles on their birthday cake? This is pagan, isn’t it? And Christmas trees are pagan, reading a horoscope, fortune tellers etc, these are the old ways; this is superstitious stuff our ancestors used to do before they were tricked and coerced into believing nonsense about Jesus…what else?

Answer by Hitch hiker
sex is pretty pagan, if you live anywhere near my parent’s house, that is

Answer by Anonut
psychological warfare

Answer by The Unbeliever
Pagan, christian, islam.

They all suck one way or another.

Answer by Jennifer
Hmm… I think Valentine’s day is/ used to be…

Answer by the re – chosen one
I perform pin the monkey tail on Charles Darwin at least once a year.

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10 Responses to Are Yahoo!’s horoscopes written by real astrologists reading star charts, or are the horoscopes fake?

  1. starling December 15, 2012 at 9:25 am #

    I beg to differ from some other answerers before me.
    But, to answer your first question: All generalized horoscopes are for the Sun sign, of which there are 12…that is the entire population of life on the planet grouped into 12 sections which supposedly describe how you’re feeling. So of course that is inaccurate and fake, and has contributed to the corruption of a valid science that is only applicable when a PERSONAL chart is cast and an experienced and scientific astrology practitioner casts it with ALL the configurations of planets, etc.
    In a personal chart, (which, by the way is calculated from astronomically precise data found in an ‘ephemeris’), the ‘natal’ positions of celestial bodies, and their angular aspects to eachother, are charted for the very time/space that the first oxygen is independantly inhaled by the newborn.
    The geometric pattern formed by ambient and prevailing electromagnetic actions, is implanted, so to speak, on the psyche, and that configuration remains as such as the basic theme, flavor or picture of the circuitry of the energies of that person….the driving force of that character.
    Is that so different, after all, from the notion of how the codons of DNA are ‘set’ into an individual pattern, each sequence unique to each organism? That’s biological DNA. Astrological charting describes the DNA of the psyche.
    Astrology is a science of the consciousness; that’s why it’s hard to understand and master.
    As a science, it follows the laws of physics.
    The human body/mind is but a colony of cells > of molecules > of atoms. Atoms consist of the same elements that come from ‘star dust’. All particles within matter interact with one another, whether they exist within our bodies, our planet, the sun, other celestial bodies…. virtually everywhere.
    All interactions are electromagnetic; everything in Nature, and that makes life, is electromagnetically driven.
    So why do we so easily elliminate the possibility that our own electromagnetic ‘circuit-boards’ could be influenced by these interactions as they form geometric angles to eachother in space-time?
    It’s not that different from the understanding of quantum mechanics; But, because the scientific basis of astrology relates to human consciousness, rather than a study that we can depersonalize in categories such as Physics, Astronomy etc, we seem to prefer not to address the relationship of these physical forces as ones that act on us, and affect our very be-ing.
    They do!
    The most difficult thing to understand is how the early Greek and Arabian cultures figured out the association of astronomic forces as related to the human psyche. I believe that it is due to a more wholistic/intuitive view of science that they adhered to than that which we use in modern days, where we seldom see the forest for the trees, and each tree is not associated with the other to form an interconnected whole. ( i.e: the cross-over of all different sciences as related to eachother).
    Oh, and….astrology IS provable, when well interpreted as a general picture if ones tendancies in the approach to life.
    What about the study of twins? Those born seconds apart, and others further apart in time…..Same birth-canal/place, different time….The closer in time, their atoms are ‘phase-entangled’, therefore their psyches are entwined, for life.

    Before this becomes a book, I suggest to all….Don’t even bother to read ‘your’ horoscope…Astrology is not a divinitary science. Because of the persistance of quacks out there, this subject has been relegated to the realms of the occult so that they can sell their product to you. Also, computer- generated ‘interpretations’ are not integrated enough to give you an accurate reading.
    I hope this helps.

  2. Jersey Girl December 15, 2012 at 10:21 am #

    Many Christians will NOT deny that many of our practices come from pagan roots.

  3. Xx-Bella-Woods-xX December 15, 2012 at 10:59 am #

    the whole “Christmas” thing is pagan, its really the winter solstice the bible says that jesus was born in like may or april

    also in paintings/pictures of saints their “halo” is actually from sun worship

    even the image of god as a old man with a beard is pagan… from the greek god “zeus”

    even the idea of the son of god is copyed in many religions (zeus = Hercules for example)

  4. Sparrow The Questioner December 15, 2012 at 11:03 am #

    I think pretty much all of them including valentines day even though its not considered christian.

  5. . December 15, 2012 at 11:39 am #

    Most of the outfits they wear on Sunday mornings. They don’t even know it.

  6. Who December 15, 2012 at 12:19 pm #

    Despite the (changed) names, Easter and Christmas were originally PAGAN celebrations having nothing to do with Christ. Christians have simply appropriated the dates and changed the names of the holidays. Easter eggs, mistletoe, Santa, presents under a tree – all PAGAN in origin (Santa was once known as the Holly King, and only later was the biography of a Christian Saint Nicolas grafted onto him.)

  7. I'm a nice person December 15, 2012 at 1:11 pm #

    You are ridiculous…I sit at a table when I eat..pagans sat at a table when they ate….so does that mean sitting at a table to eat means I am indulging in a pagan practice..?

  8. Kristyna December 15, 2012 at 2:05 pm #

    I’m Jehovah’s witness, but there was an interesting book written by a Protestant minister named Alexander Hyslop called the 2 Babylons. He compared the Babylon the Great described in Revelation as the Catholic Church alone, which I don’t believe. However, using old woodcuts showing pictures from ancient civilizations, he did show the origins of the cross on the clothing of Dyonisisus and even mitre hat that the pope and cardinals wear as being copied from a fish head costume from the priests of the god dagon. Almost every major holiday has its start from some custom of the past long before Christ. Hyslop shows the similarity of the old babylonian religion that idolized Nimrod and his wife or mother and which was copied by many later religions including Christianity.

  9. Adrian December 15, 2012 at 3:00 pm #

    Historically, some of those pagan practices were not recorded til after Christ. Your problem isnt Christianity; its Christians.

  10. Music and dancing December 15, 2012 at 3:35 pm #

    I think worshipping the man Jesus is pagan as well because some pagans also worshipped the Sun/Son in ancient times.

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