Are there human beings on earth who are Supra Celestial Beings?

Are there human beings on earth who are Supra Celestial Beings?
someone received that answer from somewhere, because they were seeking help for certain problems in their life, and nothing seems to work, not even horoscope readings, that is why I got interested in finding out what it really means,

Answer by george p
for shure

Answer by ChooseRealityPLEASE
It’s a whole lot of nonsense.

Even horoscopes, mystics, psychics are all fraudulent. We simply have to deal with what happens in our lives and hope for the best.

Answer by free thinker
if you mean is it possible for people other than homosapiens to be walking this earth with us, I believe the answer is yes and I believe I have met 2 or possibly 3 of them.
as to what you mean by ‘supra celestial beings’ unless you mean angels and the like, I have no idea. the definition of supra suggests angels. what did you mean for sure?

Answer by Josieb
Human beings cannot be Supra Celestial Beings because angels are considered Celestial beings and humans only possessed spiritually the holy spirit. The bible says each one of us has an guardian angel to help us unless you dash your foot against a stone, meaning they will not help you. So there you see there are Celestial Beings but not humanistic.

Answer by rhsaunders
Nope. Of course, horoscope reading are nonsense too.

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Angel Therapy, or Healing by Angels?
I have heard that angels can heal us.

Anyone know about this? If so, please help me and explain it for me and suggest a book for further reading.
Also explain for me “Solar angel and palace of angels”.

Thanks so much,
May your guardian angel be with you!

Answer by Di
Yeah, I’ve heard of this. I randomly got a book about it from one of those bookclubs (ha! I guess that’s a sign b/c I certainly didn’t order it!). It’s called An Angel for Every Day by Angela McGerr. The way the book is organized is that you find your angel based on your birth month/horoscope sign. You first start by trying to recognize the moments of opportunity to trust and let the angels guide you. It seems that it’s a form of channeling and meditation. If it’s done often enough you can learn to recognize the moments throughout your day. Also, you can learn to channel other angels…in other words if your birthday is in January your angel is Nadiel…but since it’s now May the guiding angel is Tual and thus you can learn to channel that angel.


Answer by t_a_m_i_l
I am sure Godly angels can heal us somehow also, and go to work to deliver us out of a predicament. But when Jesus prayed for people touching their head & speaking the healing, the healing was done by the power of the Holy Ghost.

As for the sun angels (morning stars?) or a palace of angels, Any reading material could be the devils copycat version of Godly Angels. An example of the devils copycat version, would be in Di’s answer.

Everyones guardian angel is with them. May the Lord Jesus Christ be with you when you realize who Jesus Christ Is.

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