Are Aries usually obsessive?

Are Aries usually obsessive?
I’m worried for my friend. This Aries guy has been bothering her to go out with him and she has told him no many times. He just won’t take no for an answer. Today I was out at a concert and saw her there and then noticed he was there too sitting a row or two in back of her by himself. As she was leaving her friends were walking in front of her but she kind of got left behind. He followed her out. She started walking really fast and he kept following her.He had this intense look in his eyes and they were glued on to her every move. I think he even pushed people out of his way to get closer to her. It was really creepy. Anyway she looked at me and motioned me to come towards her so I went to go talk to her but my other friend grabbed me to go out another door. When I looked up she was going out the main door. So did he and looked like he was trying to talk to her. He was walking right behind her. I did see her get into her car and drive away safely. This is not the first time this guy has done this. Anyway, all I know about this guy is that his birthday is April 14th so that makes him an Aries and he is 14 years older than her. She is a Scorpio btw…and so am I. Are Aries usually this obsessive? Any advice on how to deal with an Aries guy like this? This guy seems really creepy and I’m worried for her.
Amethyst: Thanks..She is the type of person that hates drama..but you’re right that this is a stalking and not specific to Sun sign.. It creeps ME out. Can’t imagine what she is going through. This has been going on for a month. I think she thinks that he’ll eventually get tired of bothering her and go away. But those intense eyes today gave me chills..

Answer by Amethyst33
This is not an astrological question. This sounds like stalking to me. Your friend needs to go to the police station and do whatever they tell her to do.

Any sign can be mentally ill. Any sign can be a stalker. Any sign can be mentally disturbed.

Aries may be known for their tendency to be bossy and somewhat arrogant but these are only a couple of their negative characteristics. They are also brave and fearless and have strong opinions.

Your friend needs some help with this issue and I am not educated as to what she needs to do. But if this guy is making her feel afraid, which is what it sounds like to me, then she needs better advice than she can get in the Horoscope Answers.

Talk to her asap and also tell her parent(s)/guardians. That is what friends are for. To be there for your friend when they need advice, compassion, and in this case, protection.

Good luck to you and your friend. Friends take care of each other.

Answer by Venus is a Fly Trap
Amethyst is right!!! OMG! That is scary! Guys like this don’t go away, they get worse…plz encourage her to tell her parents, they need to contact this person,she shouldn’t go out alone at all even in her car, see if she can get some mace or a tazer, her friends need to be aware so they don’t abandon her again and if it doesn’t quit soon, restraining order!
Definitely not an Aries issue, just a bad guy issue!

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Do ghosts, spirits, and demons really exist?
In the modern scientific world paranormal phenomena is disregarded as just folklore, hoaxes, mistaken identity and mental illness. While some of these cases are true, it is hard to explain exactly what is happening when all of these factors are ruled out. But we must ask our selves, is it really impossible for them to exist?

This new scientific community, that began around the seventeen/eighteen hundreds, is set apart with the insistence that every thing “real” had to be “material”. The most interesting thing about this claim is that it was never proven. It is simply assumed and still is assumed. The Scientific Revolution’s rejection of magic, alchemy and so called “monsters” was based on rhetoric, not experiment. Scientists assumed they were false because they didn’t fit the new scientific and materialist image of the universe.

So seeing as how spirits, ghosts, demons and countless other monsters didn’t fit the new scientific image they were disregarded as “nonsense”. The scientific model of the universe had no room for monsters. Monsters ‘couldn’t’ exist, so therefore they ‘didn’t’ exist. Not because people became enlightened with science. People still see these “monsters” even today. Even with all of the evidence (eyewitness accounts, EVP, photos that haven’t been proven as hoaxes) the scientific community still can’t seem to get their heads wrapped around the idea that their theories could be wrong. This sort of thinking seems to consider theories more important than evidence.

An example of this highly unscientific scientific attitude is: During Thomas Jefferson’s time when a meteorite hit the Earth — at this time scientific theory stated that meteors were not made of rock and could not hit the earth — the scientific community insisted that a county full of witnesses had lied when they said a stone fell from the sky, rather than that their theory was wrong.

Research shows that in north america between 16 and 25% of surveyed groups have had encounters with “monsters”.

So, tell me, given this information is it impossible for these scientific theories to be wrong and actually have ghosts, spirits, and demons lurking in the shadows?

Source: “Monsters” by John Michael Greer.
I’m guessing I should rephrase this question a bit and the point I’m trying to make.

How can we assume that these things don’t exist if there is no proof that they don’t?

Answer by c head
people say they do i dont believe in ghost but there are demons and spirts but if you have god you dont have to worry

Answer by <:)))><
Yes and no…

Do things exist that we currently don’t have an explanation for? Yes.

Does that mean they are the spirits of dead people or demons that are evil and only want to torture humans? No… That is silly.

There is no such thing as “Supernatural” or “Preternatural”. If it exists, it exists as part of the ecosystem and serves a purpose…

Just because we can’t currently perceive creatures that exist in a manner that is different from what we can comprehend or CURRENTLY understand what it’s purpose is doesn’t mean that it is something that is unnatural.

Answer by Maggie B
Well really it all would depend on what you believe. You can believe that if you want or you don’t have to. I guess it can’t exactly be proven to be true or not true, though.

Answer by Alejandro J

short answer: there is as little evidence for the existence of ghosts, demons, and spirits as there is for the flying spaghetti monster. Belief in them is done so without rational deduction or induction. Hope this helps!

Unless you mean “spirits’ as in “liquor,” which certainly exists!

Answer by Callie Kaulitz !!
I believe that there really are ghosts or spirits and any other name you want to give them. I have had truly unexplainable events that have happened to me. Also, I believe in God. He can protect us from these unknown things. But even if all of the occurrences have just been in my imagination, I still do believe that there are spiritual beings that are always around us. Maybe it is impossible for them to communicate with us and we just think that they are, but I still believe they are there.

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  1. Hollister C says


    I bet that’s not the answer you’re looking for. But I insist: NO, they do not exist.

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  2. dreamerextrem says

    i can see you taken your time in your question.
    i could easily say, in my own experiences i would say yes, yes demons do exist! and they are the shadow beings people see all over the world…
    but that’s just my opinion, and just for having a opinion ill probably get a thumbs down….

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  3. Shrubbs says

    You’ll hear so many things, and seeing is truly believing, you have to see it! Trust me, I wish it were all nonsense but sometimes some things are true whether you want believe in them or not, and that’s the scary part.

    But with all sincerity, yes. I also really believe that there will be tangible scientific evidence available soon, enough to prove the existence of the paranormal.

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  4. Stella says

    Since it’s next to impossible to “prove a negative,” that means the burden of proof falls on those who believe in a particular phenomenon. (I haven’t read the book you used as a source, though I do highly respect the author and his other books. :)

    If the author’s thesis is “is it possible for science to be wrong about it’s theories?” then the answer is “yes, certainly!” Science, like anything else, changes as humanity grows, evolves and learns. But for science to change its position on something – or to admit it’s “wrong” – requires proof of the existence of these things that can be tested, measured, verified and repeated.

    Of course, you really onlly have to meet that burden of proof if you decide to attempt convincing others that you’re right. Most scientist and science-lovers’ “default” position is to not belief anything without sufficient evidence. However I don’t personally believe in anything science has actually disproven. There are things we have no means to prove or disprove, and there are things that science just hasn’t found an explanation for *yet*. And I have no problem “believing” in those kinds of things based on experience & intuition in the meantime. If new evidence arises that conflicts with my beliefs then my beliefs will change. :)

    For instance, science has not definitively disproved any number of things: the existence of gods, the existence of souls, astrology (no it really hasn’t – astrology is more than horoscope columns), and so far as I know, it has offered alternative theories for paranormal activities in some cases, but not all by any means. Again the burden of proof falls on “the believer” and we can not produce proof that is up to their standards just yet.

    Personally, when it comes ghosts & spirits, there are some cases where I can believe, and others where I think it’s total BS. But I’m still open to the possibility either way.

    When it comes to demons, I put them right in the BS category just because they are nothing more than formerly existing “spirits” (or in some cases gods) who were made into something evil and scary by the early Church. After the Church’s violent takeover, some gods were turned into saints and others were turned into demons.

    The word demon itself comes from δαίμων (daimôn) in Greek or daemon in Latin, meaning good or malevolent “supernatural beings between mortals and gods, such as inferior divinities and ghosts of dead heroes.” In this classification of beings, the “good” were made into the Christian idea of “guardian angels,” while those considered “malevolent” became more demons. They twisted things from earlier religions in order to scare people away from them. Thus a “demon” is not an original concept, just a perversion of earlier beliefs.

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  5. MrWizard says

    yes they are very real and you will meet them all very soon

    search youtube for “angel + campfire”

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