Accurate Aquarius horoscope?

Accurate Aquarius horoscope?
Do you guys have a website that you go to that gives you accurate horoscopes?
most horoscopes I’ve read are very much on tap, but I want more depth.
A yearly horoscope would be good.


Answer by unconquered
I don’t really believe in stars however to be able to help you, is it a weekly or a daily?

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Is astrology really true? I mean does it really work?
You know how they have astrology where they can tell what’s going to happen to you? Is that really true? And what about the personality traits that they say of you? Because I’m cancer and mine are right on but I dont know whether thats just a coincidence or not.

Answer by chenoa
No. Astrology falls under the category “psuedoscience,” with “psuedo-” meaning “false.”

Answer by k monster
There’s a lot more to astrology than telling the future and your sun sign. That’s not really how it works. I recommend if you’re that curious to do some reading about it. Linda Goodman is a wonderful astrologer with some easy to read and understand books out there. Her Sun Signs book is a great place to start.

Answer by It wasn’t me…
NO, I’m a Taurus and totally the opposite.

Answer by dark_dreamer_9
its not a coincidence , as far as predicting you future , im pretty sure that all that is , is a guide to how your mood will be at that time , you choose your destiny . and with personalities it is true , people think that it isnt , but they dont relize its in there planets to think like that . just remember that its ALL the planets that make you not just the sun !!

Answer by Smokeabella
While I don’t believe in daily horoscopes too much, I do believe that personality traits are very accurate to individual signs. I can nearly guess what star sign a person is, after knowing them for a while. But I believe some like, aries, pisces, leo, capricorn, scorpio, saggitarious and virgo are much more easily identifiable than others.

When I think of Cancer signs, I think of weepy souls who love black and white movies. Is this you? lol.

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  1. Tony says

    There is absolutely no correlation between the stars and how people act on Earth. I just posted this before and it may help you understand why Astrology is just mumbo jumbo designed to make money and nothing more:

    Unfortunately there are many naive people out there that seem to think that an accidental line of sight group of unrelated stars (i.e. a constellation) can not only have a bearing on their life, but also somehow predict their future. OMG!
    These are people who clearly have absolutely no idea of the immense distances that are in our galaxy, let alone the universe.
    May be in times prior to about the 1600’s it would seem feasible to believe that the Earth was ‘the’ centre of the universe and that all the stars were revolving around us on a fixed sphere. If that was what the accepted ‘view’ of the cosmos was then, well yes, I can see how someone would feel the need to believe that they could be affected. However, the year is now 2007 and science and technology has proven that most stars we see in a single constellation are unrelated to each other, let alone with the Earth. If you believe that Astrology has any place to play in modern society you are obviously oblivious to all around you and are self-centred.

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